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Apple’s second-ever Android app is for a Beats Pill+ speaker

It takes a lot to pull Apple to recover an app on Android. Its initial ever was the Move to iOS app, that is usually to assistance users send files from Google’s mobile OS to Apple’s. But a second will indeed be useful for Android users: a government app for a Beats Pill+, a initial orator Beats has done given a association was acquired by Apple final summer.

The app itself is flattering straightforward, vouchsafing users name their Pill+, guard a battery life, control who’s personification what, and couple adult a span of speakers to play song in stereo. It would have been silly, of course, for Apple to usually recover a app on iOS, generally as a Pill+ is the best orator Beats has ever made — a excellence rather than a redesign of prior products, with minimalist looks and softened sound quality.

Of course, this is flattering small-fry things compared to third Apple app on Android, that a association betrothed progressing this year: Apple Music. But while we’ve seen what seem to be screenshots of Apple Music for Android, there’s still no organisation recover date yet.

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Article source: http://www.theverge.com/2015/10/30/9642324/apple-beats-pill-plus-android-app

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