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April Fools’ 2015: Netflix, Samsung, Honda and more

It’s Apr Fools’ Day, and companies are removing in a suggestion by announcing new products or campaigns online that are usually genuine adequate to make we consider twice.

You always have your phone in a kitchen. Why not make it do double duty?

The Samsung BLADE corner is a accessible smartphone/knife that can call and chop, maybe even during a same time. After all, phones are razor-thin these days.

April Fools’ Day gives companies a eventuality to furnish potentially viral calm and uncover another side of their brands, pronounced Lisa Kane, a code plan executive during Siegel Gale.

“If your code is kind of witty and has that tellurian feel, it creates sense,” she said. Pranks can be “a approach to bond with their business and uncover their humanity.”

Check out a pranks we’ve found so far, and let us know if we have any favorites we’ve missed:


Spirit Airlines

Photo pleasantness of Spirit Airlines.

If you’re gluten-free, you’re initial in line to house any Spirit Airlines plane. The airline announced a “new” boarding sequence that’s ostensible to take a difficulty and highlight out of removing on planes. After gluten-free customers, O-negative blood forms are giveaway to board, afterwards squirrels, secessionists, group with low testosterone, Canadian royalty, people who eat kale, and afterwards everybody else.


One of a 13 Netflix open use announcements expelled for Apr Fools’ Day.

Binge watchers beware — Netflix expelled a array of 13 open use announcements warning of a dangers of binge examination a shows. The brief announcements come on after we watch dual episodes of a uncover and have titles trimming from “Shower” to “Call your Mom” and “Go to Work.” 


Insurance would be so most easier (or unnecessary?) if we knew what would occur forward of time. Enter Presurance, Esurance’s new mobile apparatus that predicts a future, adult to 7 days in advance. Make certain we check those mobile alerts.


Is it a phone or is it a knife? The new Galaxy S6, right, and S6 Edge are displayed during a Samsung Galaxy Unpacked 2015 event.

Playing off a Galaxy S6 Edge, a association jokingly announced a “world’s initial intelligent blade with smartphone capabilities” – a Galaxy BLADE edge. Not usually can it call and chop, though it’s also a wireless beef thermometer. In ad disclaimers, Samsung pronounced a association was also exploring options for a double edged sword for sports or an ax, though motionless not to pursue them for reserve reasons.


Here’s a Honda HR-V Selfie Edition. It doesn’t matter where we are, inside or outward a automobile — you’ll always be tighten to a camera.

When asked about a prank, a Honda mouthpiece said, “What are we articulate about?”


Richard Branson says he’s relocating his Virgin Group U.S. operations, and a “section of a UK operations” to Branson, Mo.

First, he said, flights would run particularly between Branson and San Francisco. Several hundred T-shirts temperament a grinning correspondence of Richard Branson were presumably given out during a internal Wal-Mart. And Virgin Limited Edition pronounced a new oppulance skill will be in Branson, and concede guest to knowledge “exclusive car trails.”

The city of 11,000 seemed to play along.

“While we are apparently flattered that Richard Branson wants to fly his planes to Branson, Mo., he competence have to wait in line,” Jeffrey Bourk, executive executive of Branson Airport, pronounced on a airport’s Facebook page. “I have my staff looking into embankment availability, though it might be tough given Virgin’s assertive use rollout. In a meantime, we are concerned to see what incentives Virgin America can offer a airfield and a community.”


Pac-Man’s chomping by your neighborhood, during slightest on Google Maps.

Google, that is famous for a yearly pranks (remember Google Paper?), has combined a dear arcade diversion impression to Google Maps with a click of a button, usually in time for Apr Fools’ Day.

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