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Archibishop calls boycott: ’50 Shades’ attacks marriage

CINCINNATI — Are we Catholic and formulation to see a hotly expected Fifty Shades of Grey film this weekend?

Not so fast.

Archbishop Dennis Schnurr recently sent a minute to priests describing a film as “a approach attack on Christian marriage” and urging pastors to pronounce out opposite it to their congregations.

“We need to surprise a people about a mortal summary of this film and to prominence a beauty of God’s pattern for amatory relations between a father and wife,” Schnurr wrote in a Feb. 4 letter.

For several days, a Archdiocese of Cincinnati’s Facebook page enclosed an picture alongside Schnurr’s summary that asked Catholics to protest a film and send a $50 concession to a domestic assault preserve instead.

Archdiocese orator Dan Andriacco pronounced posting that image, however, was a mistake done by a staffer overseeing a page. While a archbishop agrees with a sentiment, Andriacco said, he is not endorsing a specific transformation such as donating money.

“I’m certain a archbishop would not consider it’s a bad idea, though it’s not his idea,” Andriacco said. “This is not something a archbishop privately has asked for.”

He pronounced a picture of a protest debate has been taken down from a Facebook page, though a archbishop’s minute about a film remains.

On amicable media, a transformation #50DollarsNot50Shades has held glow with users propelling people to present to domestic abuse shelters instead of going to see a movie.

In a letter, Schnurr decries a movie’s depiction of a passionate attribute where bondage, prevalence and sadomasochism are “normal and pleasurable.”

“In a story line, a immature Miss Steele is urged to pointer a agreement apropos a sex worker and similar to an violent and spiritless relationship,” Schnurr wrote in a post. “This film is in approach contrariety to a Christian summary of God’s pattern for self-giving and self-sacrificing love, matrimony and passionate intimacy.”

In Mississippi, a American Family Association and a president, Tim Wildmon, are propelling people not to see a movie. Aside from a striking passionate inlet of a movie, a AFA pronounced a film promotes domestic violence.

Article source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation/2015/02/11/archibishop-calls-50-shades-an-attack-on-marriage/23219231/

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