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As Microsoft opens new New York flagship, concentration is on the products

NEW YORK — When we initial travel by a vast potion doors and into Microsoft’s Fifth Avenue flagship store, that strictly opens on Monday, we are immediately flooded with Microsoft products.

Directly in front is Surface, a company’s line of tablets. To a right is an Xbox One connected to an 84-inch TV, while on a left is a territory clinging to a new Surface Book laptop.

Immediately beyond, a Windows Mobile phone hire runs alongside a left wall. Parallel to it in a center of a building is a sectiondevoted to “future” products including a new Band 2 aptness tracker and a developer chronicle of Hololens, a company’s unconventional protracted existence headset, that is prominently displayed though hermetic in glass.  Up above, large video walls arrangement images of the several inclination mentioned.

Microsoft has some-more than 100 stores in a U.S. already, but distinct progressing stores this is a program powerhouse’s premier showcase. It isn’t until we get past a rows of a company’s possess rigging that we see a initial signs of laptops from a Windows partners like Dell, Lenovo and HP.

“We’re unequivocally unapproachable of a first-party products and you’ll see them featured in a front of a store, though we also don’t wish we to only stop during a front of a store.” says Kelly Soligon, ubiquitous manager of worldwide selling for Microsoft’s online and sell stores. “So we’ve got a good preference of other products both on this building as good as on a second floor.”

Unlike other flagship sell stores Microsoft’s Manhattan location is roughly like a tiny mall. The space spans some-more than 22,000 block feet over 5 floors. The initial dual floors are clinging to sell and showcasing consumer products such as phones, PCs and Xbox, while a third is a business focused “experiential center” designed in partnership with Dell. A fourth building offers an worker mangle room and a tip building facilities an eventuality space to be used for happenings such as a Girls Who Code seminar.

The huge displays, splendid lights and open space creates a unconventional vibe, some-more showroom-y than a Best Buy — and all partial of a company’s devise to showcase a latest products.

“We’ve designed this store to be unequivocally mouth-watering and unequivocally customer-focused. It’s all about business stealing hands on with a record and carrying space and time to knowledge and play with a products,” says Soligon. “One of a things that we adore about being a Microsoft Store and a flagship store is a ability to showcase those products immediately.”

Similar to an Apple Store there are no conspicuous money registers or checkout stations in a Fifth Ave spot, instead Microsoft is relying especially on mobile indicate of sales systems for people to checkout anywhere around a store. The systems used will accept mobile payments including Apple Pay.

In further to a sell sections Microsoft also has tables on any of a initial dual floors clinging to an “Answer Desk,” what can be deliberate a company’s take on Apple’s renouned “Genius Bar.”

Similar to a Genius Bar we do not have to squeeze your PC, Xbox or Windows phone from a Microsoft Store to be means to take advantage of a correct and troubleshooting options Microsoft offers. “You bought your PC during Best Buy and are carrying difficulty with it, we don’t care,” says Soligon. “Bring it here.”

“The bulk of a services are indeed free,” adds Soligon, “so no matter where we bought your device, we’re happy to assistance we with it.”

This includes all from giving your PC a tune-up, stealing a pathogen or display we how to make a many of program like Office. Some of a services, such as regulating a hardware emanate like a damaged screen, will need payment. As with other correct services a time it will take to repair an emanate will change depending on a severity.

Of a 160 employees in a store, Microsoft says 45 will be clinging to a Answer Desk.

Looking ahead, Microsoft is holding a delayed and solid proceed to expanding a sell presence. With a opening of a New York store on Monday, it will have 113 stores with another flagship store due to open Nov 12 in Sydney, Australia.

“We apparently would like to be in other countries around a world, though we have to get in and learn in this format and learn how to offer business in this environment,” says David Porter, corporate clamp boss of Microsoft’s sell and online stores. “We will get live on Oct 26 and afterwards we will get live on Nov 12 in Sydney and from there we’ll take it and figure out what should a diversion devise be.”

As for because it took so prolonged to open a store on one of a world’s largest sell stages, Porter states it was only watchful for a right time. “We only wanted to be a best we could be before we came adult on Fifth Avenue,” says Porter. “We know it’s a large stage, we know a universe will be examination and we feel like we’re adult for a opportunity. It’s gonna be fun.”

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Article source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/tech/2015/10/25/nyc-microsoft-store-launch/74579014/

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