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Asus Shrinks a Padfone for AT&T

A phone and a inscription together for $199 sounds like a intelligent idea, yet Asus’s initial Padfone X didn’t take off. Now it’s back, in a smaller form, as a Padfone X Mini, and it’s a initial U.S. phone with an Intel processor and modem.

The Padfone X Mini has a 4.5-inch shade and slots into a 7-inch tablet, as compared to a strange Padfone X, with a 5-inch shade and 9-inch tablet. Like with a strange Padfone, a inscription is brainless; it fundamentally usually functions as a bigger shade and battery for a phone. That’s how we get both of them together for cheap.

Both a smaller and bigger Padfone seem to be $199, yet that’s usually a uncanny proceed carriers publicize prices; a Qualcomm-powered incomparable Padfone is $199 with a two-year contract, while this smaller indication is unequivocally $199, prepaid, on ATT’s GoPhone service.

As we saw before with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 4 series, Asus incited to Intel to yield cheaper processors and modems. The Padfone X Mini isn’t utterly putting Intel’s best feet forward; saving money, it’s regulating both an comparison Clovertrail+ processor and an comparison XMM 7160 modem, that we initial saw about a year ago.

That’s indeed a same multiple seen in a Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 10.1 , so we competence be means to range a small about a Padfone X Mini’s opening from looking during that tablet. The Tab 3 10.1 did morally on capability tasks, yet stuttered and struggled with high-end gaming.

The Padfone X mini will be accessible from ATT on Oct 24.

How Far Can Cheap Tablets Take Intel?
Intel has been warming adult a mobile proceed for years. Manufacturers have been picking adult Intel’s Bay Trail chipset en masse, pronounced Hermann Eul, Intel’s clamp president of mobile and communications.

“There are some-more than 790 tablets a business have built with a technology, [including] some-more than 150 Bay Trail entry-level tablets,” he said.

In a U.S., we’ve mostly seen Bay Trail in inexpensive Windows 8.1 tablets, where it’s dejected a less-capable ARM-powered “Windows RT” versions. But a usually stream 64-bit chronicle of Google’s Android L OS is designed for Intel processors, Eul said.

“You will positively see Intel in that space some-more and more,” he said.

It’s still focusing on lower-cost devices, though. The sub-$100 inscription marketplace is growing, according to Amazon, and Intel wants a square of a universe now dominated by names like Mediatek and Rockchip.

“We will open adult a marketplace next $99. We are broadening this year,” Eul said.

Article source: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2470361,00.asp

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