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ATL Automotive goes green

ATL Automotive goes green

Friday, Oct 03, 2014    

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ONE tree planted for any automobile sold. That is a guarantee of a ‘Drive Green’ campaign, a partnership between ATL Automotive Limited, Sandals Foundation, and a Jamaica Conservation and Development Trust (JCDT) to allege reforestation and lessen Jamaica’s CO footprint by restoring degraded timberland ecosystems.

Starting currently — National Tree Planting Day — ATL Automotive and a JCDT have committed to planting a tree for any automobile sold, that will assistance to revoke a effects of CO dioxide and other hothouse gases issued by engine vehicles.

ATL Automotive has been charity low-emission vehicles, while invariably educating consumers on fuel efficiency. Apart from providing glorious engine car caring and servicing that increases opening which, in turn, has been obscure emissions for some time, ATL has — underneath this debate — taken a joining one step further.

Yesterday, a organisation pronounced in a news recover that a ‘Drive Green’ debate creates ATL Automotive a initial automotive association in Jamaica to launch such an eco-initiative.

“To kick-start a ‘Drive Green’ campaign, ATL Automotive will partner with a Sandals Foundation to squeeze and plant 200 seedlings. The refuge of a sourroundings by certain and tolerable initiatives is one of a 3 core pillars of a Foundation, that also includes preparation and a community,” a association pronounced in a news release.

“The seedlings, that are autochthonous to Jamaica, will be planted on a 2.5 hactare space during Holywell along a Oatley Mountain Trail in a Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park,” ATL Automotive added.

Motor vehicles, a association forked out, typically evacuate varying amounts of hothouse gases, including nitrogen oxide, CO monoxide and many commonly, CO dioxide (CO2), that is believed to minister to tellurian warming.

“Planting trees stays one of a cheapest, many effective means of sketch additional CO dioxide from a atmosphere, and by this partnership ATL Automotive and a JCDT are charity people a event to revoke their CO footprint by offsetting CO dioxide constructed from their day-to-day activities,” a association added.

“At ATL Automotive, we have always speedy obliged engine car use and upkeep as good as fuel-saving tips,” a recover quoted ATL Automotive Operations Manager Bruce Duquesnay. “This beginning gives a company, as good as a customers, a event to revoke a CO footprint and actively minister to a insurance and refuge of a pleasing country. We’re happy to partner with a JCDT and we demeanour brazen to creation a difference.”

Trees have played a vicious purpose in progressing protected levels of oxygen and CO2 in a atmosphere for millions of years as they mislay and store CO2 from a atmosphere while they grow and by a routine of photosynthesis.

Susan Otuokan, executive executive of a JCDT and manager of a Blue and John Crow Mountains National Park, remarkable that “Forests are essential for life, generally with a impact of meridian change. Here, a forests need assistance to be re-established by tree planting and upkeep programmes, quite those regulating local Jamaican trees. As manager of a National Park, and on interest of a JCDT, we are really happy that ATL Automotive and a Sandals Foundation have come on house to support this critical charge work”.

At present, 4 to 5 million hectares of timberland are privileged any year in Latin America and a Caribbean, ensuing in as most as 47 per cent of tellurian CO emissions from deforestation. Significant rebate in timberland cover formula in reduced steam and a generally hotter climate, reduce rainfall, reduction prolific or dry wells, reduced flow, and a drying adult of rivers, as good as a erosion of tip soil.


ATL Automotive goes green





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