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AUTOMOTIVE: Dealerships bustling with recalls, looking to keep customers

Auto sales have been flattering good as Chevrolet continues a run as a top-selling car code in Chicagoland, said Tim Roper, owners of Smith Motors Auto Group, that operates Chevrolet dealerships in Hammond and Lowell.

Chevrolet sales are adult 6.75 percent for a year, Roper said. Nationally, Chevy sales were adult 3 percent in July.

Dealerships have bounced behind and are starting to see 15 to 20 percent lapse on investment. Dealers in a southeast, southwest and California have been holding a liquidity and regulating it to buy rivals. The converging trend has not reached a Midwest, since a large open companies that are doing a acquisitions wish to stay divided from areas where sales are so contingent on weather.

The whole automotive attention is being influenced by a record series of recalls this year, Roper said. Dealers have a event to benefit, such as by backing adult some-more business for their use departments and impressing business agreeably adequate to keep them. 

“Retention has been a outrageous buzzword,” Roper said. 

Article source: http://www.nwitimes.com/business/board-of-economists/automotive-dealerships-busy-with-recalls-looking-to-retain-customers/article_cf78690e-cde4-52ea-8552-6593ee9fdc14.html

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