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Automotive Grade Linux Shows a Lot of Open Source Promise for In-Car …

Let’s face it: many automakers are notoriously bad at formulating efficient infotainment and navigation systems. This unequivocally is a case, with a few good ones out there representing a exception. A series of factors make this true, and in short, it’s fundamentally down to costs, allocated growth budgets and a ubiquitous miss of low believe and believe in a margin on their part.

We are on a verge of some kind of series here, though, with Android entrance to cars, and Siri articulate behind during you, all this while you’re not touching a steering circle or brakes, feeling a zephyr from a window you’ve only non-stop via gesture.

However, what’s unequivocally indispensable is an open source height that is mod and underline accessible and could do divided with clunky OEM-spec infotainment for good. Android could be a answer, though given it’s Google that’s behind it, we’re indifferent in job it ‘open source.’

That’s where a recently announced Automotive Grade Linux, that will underline a same simple advantages over a normal that have PC users switch from a tying OS, like Windows, to something totally giveaway of restrictions, with unconstrained harmony and modability capabilities.

This fundamentally means that if we were to have it commissioned into your car’s infotainment, it would concede we to tweak a approach it works, looks and sounds by yourself, with a bit of programming believe (or only tips from useful forums/online communities that are firm to cocktail adult once/if this becomes a thing).

If you’re meddlesome in a full facilities betrothed by Automotive Grade Linux, do check out a central announcement page. It also facilities a list of all companies ancillary this initiative, and while not all are manufacturers you’d recognize, we did mark Jaguar-Land Rover, Hyundai, Toyota and Samsung.

The categorical ones it will try to offer from a conflict are:

Home Screen


Google Maps

HVAC (heating, ventilation, and atmosphere conditioning)

Media Playback

News Reader (AppCarousel)

Audio Controls

Bluetooth Phone

Smart Device Link Integration

By Andrei Nedelea

Article source: http://www.carscoops.com/2014/07/automotive-grade-linux-shows-lot-of.html

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