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Automotive birthright in full swing

July 5, 2014

Automotive birthright in full swing

Haynes Apperson Festival automobile uncover facilities over 40 selected and new autos

By Mike Fletcher Kokomo Tribune

Kokomo Tribune
The Kokomo Tribune

Sat Jul 05, 2014, 02:50 AM EDT

With a permit image that reads ‘family jewel’, Gary Wentz’s 1964 Ford Galaxy is a loyal family car.

“My grandmother bought it in 1964 in Salt Lake City, Utah,” Wentz said.

“She was 98 years aged and Utah took divided her driver’s permit since she had cataracts in her eye. She told me if we came out to Utah, we could expostulate it behind to Kokomo. It has 98,000 strange miles.”

Wentz pronounced when he went to get a tires rotated and balanced, a automechanic said, “There’s no way.”

“He pronounced a tires are 26 years old,” Wentz said. “They’re usually too old.”

Wertz pronounced he won several awards during other automobile shows, though has not fared that good in Kokomo.

He was anticipating for a improved arrangement Saturday during a annual Haynes Apperson Festival automobile show, sponsored by a Pioneer Auto Club. The automobile uncover ran in and with a second show, put on by a Vertically Challenged Car Club, that featured an array of customized cars and trucks. Proceeds from a shows goes to advantage a Burn Center and Make-A-Wish Foundation, pronounced Greg Wenger of a Pioneer Auto Club.

Both shows nearby a intersection of Buckeye and Superior streets featured some-more than 60 cars and trucks, both aged and new.

“I can’t suppose we will get anything, though we can’t complain. It’s a good show,” pronounced Wentz of a Pioneer Auto Club automobile show.

“Bringing a Ford to a automobile uncover in Kokomo is like holding a cat to a dogfight.”

Kurt Dove of Kokomo didn’t move a automobile to a show. He was usually enjoying a day, checking out a cars and trucks on display.

“I’ve been in a automobile business for 32 years and a journal business for 15 years,” he said.

“I unequivocally don’t like aged cars. My initial automobile was a ‘57, so it brings behind memories, some bad, some good. And we have to be outward on a day like this.”



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