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Automotive attention urged to cruise easier materials for destiny car …


Automotive engineers and manufacturers should cruise ‘simpler’ materials over high-performance composites during a initial pattern theatre so that new engine vehicles can be some-more straightforwardly recycled during a finish of their lives, urges a heading UK-based plastics recycler.

With no now viable recycling routes for many of a recently grown materials used in difficult lightweight vehicles, these car components and physique tools competence usually be suitable for waste to energy schemes during finish of life, according to a company.

Axion Polymers has called on a zone to demeanour during locally-sourced, tolerable options first, such as innovative, highly-specified 100% recycled polymers subsequent from a fast long-term supply of end-of-life vehicles.

Keith Freegard, director, said: “While we extol a use of novel new materials to make lightweight engine car bodies and constructional components for cars, my plea to materials scientists and designers is to consider about a easier alternatives: mono-materials that save CO and can be eventually recovered for re-use during finish of life.

“It is tantalizing to use some-more surprising combination and reinforced twine products that can make sparkling lightweight components. Yet there appears to be meagre courtesy given to how these really technical, high-performing and difficult composites are treated during a finish of a vehicle’s life as they now can't be recycled.”

He added: “In my view, a rapidly-growing automotive zone offers extensive event for innovate meditative and product pattern with a growth of electric and hydrogen fuel cell-powered vehicles requiring totally new concepts. Crucially, a intensity for incorporating sustainably-sourced recovered materials, that can offer cost assets in new components, should not be overlooked.”


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Article source: http://waste-management-world.com/a/automotive-industry-urged-to-consider-simpler-materials-for-future-vehicle-recyclability

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