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Automotive Innovation Not Just About Connected Cars and Apps

It is not each day that an all-electric automobile breaks 300 mph.

This year’s New York International Auto Show is underway, and amid a high opening roadsters and SUVs are a few ideas perplexing to shake adult a standing quo in cars. Typically a large automakers during such events speak adult a ways their cars can bond to a Web and offer as mobile inclination in their possess way. But there were also examples of creation during a automobile uncover that went over streaming song from Pandora. (see slideshow)

That even enclosed a car that had set land speed annals for electric vehicles.

That bit of transcontinental creation came from France’s Venturi Automobiles, that built the all-electric speed demon in and with Ohio State University.

Shaped like a missile, a Venturi Buckeye Bullet has achieved speeds in additional of 300 mph with hopes of reaching 400 mph in a future. On tip of environment universe speed annals for electric cars, a VBB lets a association exam electric powertrains for investigate and development.

Venturi creates other cars that run on electricity, including a all turf cart called a America, a Fetish sports roadster, and a Eclectic, that can be powered by solar panels on a roof as good as a unstable breeze turbine when parked.

The press preview days, reason late final week, gave a media a possibility to ramble a automobile uncover in allege of a public. Paul Elio, CEO of Elio Motors, put his company’s three-wheel automobile underneath a spotlight. The Elio is being pushed as an alternative, low-cost means of ride that fits only dual people seated in tandem. The vehicle, that he pronounced is personal by regulators as a motorcycle since of a design, is labelled during $6,800 and promises fuel potency adult to 84 mpg. “By sitting front-to-back instead of corresponding we double a mileage,” he said.

The association is essay to offer choices in travel Elio said, yet yet perplexing to intrude on mainstream carmakers. Given a cost and listed fuel efficiency, a automobile competence be used for simple travelling while a incomparable automobile gets tapped for family highway trips. The modernized orders for a Elio vehicle, he said, were a pointer of a company’s potential. “We have finished a crowdfunding debate for about dual years, he said. “We’ve taken 41,000 reservations.”

One of upstarts during a automobile uncover was not immediately prepared to uncover his cards to a press. The group during Lyons Motor Car, headquartered in Harlem, was still finishing work on their antecedent LM2 Streamliner before rolling it out to a genuine world. The reportedly 1,700 horsepower “hypercar” did not make it to a press preview days though, yet apparently rolled out for a open showings, that began Sunday.

CEO Kevin W. Lyons pronounced during his press discussion that a LM2 Streamliner can strech 60 mph in only over 2 seconds. But a pattern and concept, not only a car’s approaching speed, has lifted some eyebrows. “The biggest debate over a final integrate months has been about wireless technology,” Lyons said.

There were misconceptions in a news media, he said, about a Streamliner that had expel doubt on his desirous plans. “It’s not cake in a sky,” Lyons said. The devise for this Harlem-based association is to build cars 4 during a time as ordered.

Concept art that was formerly expelled lifted questions though, such as where a movement is (Lyons pronounced it was streamlined to be hidden) and what kind of record served as a fortitude for a Streamliner. The automobile uses a device from InfinityBox, Lyons said, to conduct all of a electrical components. “It’s a programmable complement that we can control any aspect of your automobile from your iPhone,” he said.

The automobile also has capacitive reason sensors identical to a inscription or smartphone, Lyons said, expelling a need for normal buttons. “That could be put on any complement in a car,” he said.

There were some novel ideas from bigger automobile makers. Toyota presented a Mirai, due late this year, a hydrogen fuel cell–powered car. The association also brought out judgment vehicles, a i-Road and a FV2, that offering graphic takes on what a destiny competence reason for vehicles.

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João-Pierre S. Ruth

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