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Automotive OPEN Alliance Drives Continued Innovation for a Connected Car

DETROIT, April 7, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — The OPEN Alliance (One-Pair EtherNet) Special Interest Group (SIG), a non-profit attention fondness determined to expostulate far-reaching scale adoption of Ethernet-based automotive connectivity, currently announced extended accessibility of a automotive Ethernet specifications. The public recover of a specifications is directed during stability a Alliance’s demonstrated movement in substantiating singular span Ethernet as a connectivity record of choice for a connected car. For some-more information revisit www.opensig.org.

“The automotive attention is experiencing one of a many transformative durations in story and it’s all about connectivity,” pronounced Natalie A. Wienckowski, General Motors’ Architect – Electronics Hardware Global Lead and OPEN Alliance SIG Chair. “Based on a high bandwidth, price-performance, ubiquity and fundamental network confidence features, use of automotive Ethernet is on a poignant trajectory. By creation a specifications widely available, we can offer expostulate far-reaching scale adoption of a record via a automotive ecosystem.”

Analysts envision a automotive Ethernet shred to grow exponentially over a entrance years, reaching 15 to 20 automotive Ethernet ports per automobile by 20201.  As a proven record of choice pervasive via a enterprise, Ethernet delivers a same opening and cost advantages to a automobile environment, formulating an efficient, secure, high-bandwidth network on wheels.

Membership in a automotive OPEN Alliance SIG has grown significantly given a pregnancy in a tumble of 2011 with illustration from 250 of a world’s heading automakers, tier one suppliers and record companies. The expelled specifications are a outcome of a work conducted by countless technical committees focused on pushing interoperability, correspondence and contrast requirements.

This month a SIG introduced a tenth technical committee, focused on offer reductions in appetite consumption. Automotive networks rest heavily on prejudiced networking in that some segments are hibernated and woken adult on demand. TC10 will concentration on substantiating support for nap mode and a arise adult resource tailored for automotive use cases. For a finish list of accessible collection for all phases of growth and validation for singular span Ethernet, revisit www.opensig.org/tech-committees/.

About OABR
One Twisted Pair Ethernet, also famous as Open Alliance BroadR-Reach (OABR), delivers high-performance bandwidth of 100 megabits per second (Mbps) per pier while dramatically shortening connectivity costs and cabling weight. A flourishing series of automotive OEMs have deployed OABR record to offer as a single-network platform, with a fundamental confidence features, scalability and coherence to be used in a extended shred of in-vehicle applications. The arrangement of a IEEE 802.3 task force to allege One Twisted Pair 100 Mbps Ethernet is approaching to offer expostulate far-reaching scale adoption of a technology.

About a OPEN Alliance SIG
The OPEN Alliance (One-Pair EtherNet) Special Interest Group (SIG) is a non-profit, open attention fondness of especially automotive attention and record providers collaborating to inspire far-reaching scale adoption of Ethernet-based networks as a customary in automotive networking applications. Since a inception, a OPEN Alliance SIG has surged to some-more than 250 members strong. For some-more information revisit www.opensig.org.

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