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AVX to Deliver Two Presentations during a 2015 AEC Automotive Electronics …

GREENVILLE, S.C., Apr 13, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AVX Corporation, a heading manufacturer of pacifist components and interconnect solutions, has been invited to broach presentations about both automotive class RF inclination and automotive transitory voltage control during a 17th annual Automotive Electronics Council (AEC) Automotive Electronics Reliability Workshop, that will take place Apr 28–30, 2015 in Novi, Mich.

“The annual AEC Automotive Electronics Reliability Workshop is an important, industry-shaping event, so we are intensely gratified and absolved to have been invited to participate, present, and share a viewpoint on a few of a member technologies that are staid to capacitate next-generation automotive electronics,” pronounced Ron Demcko, AVX Fellow.

Sponsored by a AEC, that supports a growth of uniform automotive attention specifications and mandate to urge automotive product peculiarity and trustworthiness while also shortening costs and time to market, a annual AEC Automotive Electronics Reliability Workshop aims to urge communications between automotive electronic member users and their retailer base. As such, a seminar provides attendees with a latest methodologies for improving a peculiarity and trustworthiness of a integrated circuits, dissimilar semiconductors, and pacifist components designed into automotive applications, as good as addresses a stream and destiny standing of AEC Technical Committee activities associated to topics including: LED qualification, strong validation, MEMS, and PC house qualification.

AVX Fellow, Ron Demcko, will broach dual presentations during this year’s workshop. The first, “Automotive Grade RF Devices Update,” was created in response to a fast expanding RF procedure count in automotive designs, and will address: families of RF capacitors and diplexers staid to advantage next-generation designs, device performance, scalable RF models, and new materials systems and member production methods. This display will also offer a prophecy about new families of multilayer organic (MLO™) components that are suitable for radar and high-end RF applications. The second presentation, “Automotive Transient Voltage Control Update: The Emergence of Integration MLCCs and New Families of Multilayer Varistors,” was created in response to a fast elaborating transitory insurance methods accessible in a market, and will yield an in-depth comparison of normal TVS diodes, multilayer varistors, and formation capacitors, as good as offer predictions per how new automotive class transitory voltage suppressors will be made.

For some-more information about a AEC Automotive Electronics Reliability Workshop, greatfully visit: http://www.aecouncil.com/AECWorkshop.html to entrance a 2015 agenda, registration and hotel information, and information from a 2014 workshop. For some-more information about AVX, greatfully revisit www.avx.com, call 864-967-2150, or write to One AVX Boulevard, Fountain Inn, S.C. 29644.

About AVX

AVX Corporation is a heading general retailer of electronic pacifist components and interconnect solutions with 21 production and room comforts in 11 countries around a world. AVX offers a extended operation of inclination including capacitors, resistors, filters, couplers, timing and circuit insurance inclination and connectors. The association is publicly traded on a New York Stock Exchange (NYSE:AVX).

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Article source: http://globenewswire.com/news-release/2015/04/13/723930/10128638/en/AVX-to-Deliver-Two-Presentations-at-the-2015-AEC-Automotive-Electronics-Reliability-Workshop.html

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