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Baleen whale - Wikipedia

Baleen whales (systematic name Mysticeti), known earlier as whalebone whales, form a parvorder of the infraorder Cetacea (whales, dolphins and porpoises).

National Marine Mammal Laboratory

Baleen whales were named for the long plates of baleen which hang in a row (like the teeth of a comb) from their upper jaws. Baleen plates are strong and flexible ...

Baleen - Wikipedia

Baleen is a filter-feeder system inside the mouths of baleen whales. The baleen system works by a whale opening its mouth underwater and taking in water.

Baleen whale - New World Encyclopedia

Baleen whales are generally larger than toothed whales, and females are larger than males. This group comprises the largest living known animal species, the blue ...

Learn About the 14 Baleen Whale Species - ThoughtCo

Learn about the 14 different species of baleen whales, and read through for profiles on the specific types.

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KP on Twitter: "@GoldGloveTV It's a washed up baleen whale carcas."

Replying to @GoldGloveTV. It's a washed up baleen whale carcas. 4:43 PM - 13 May 2017.

"A little wee right whale study finished. I love these baleen whales with...

A little wee right whale study finished. I love these baleen whales with their Tom Waits grins.

Robert Boessenecker on Twitter: "Very large baleen whale ulna and..."

Very large baleen whale ulna and a small dolphin vertebra in a phosphate nodule in a carbonate concretionpic.twitter.com/9z1wp7zayf.

Blue whale news (@bluewhalenews) | Twitter

Gorgeous close-up drone footage of blue whale lunge-feeding and making rainbows in Monterey Only 3 of 6 blue whales showed evidence of annual migrations in isotope changes in their baleen, 3...

"Trimming part of a 15-million-year-old baleen #whale skeleton in the..."

Curator of Vertebrate Palaeontology @ Museums Victoria. Whales & other marine megafauna, past to present. Uncovering fossils in SE Australia. Tweets are mine.

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