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Ben Carson misstates domestic knowledge of first fathers

Ben Carson has been confronting questions about his miss of domestic knowledge given he announced his candidacy, so he wrote about it in a prolonged Facebook post Wednesday night.

“I would like to understanding with one doubt tonight in some detail,” he wrote. “The emanate is experience. Several people ask what they should tell their friends when people contend ‘I like Carson though he has no domestic experience.’”

To answer that argument, Carson agreed, writing, “I have no domestic experience. The stream Members of Congress have a total 8,700 years of domestic experience. Are we certain domestic knowledge is what we need.”

It was what he wrote subsequent that stirred some fact-checking: Carson asserted that each signer of a Declaration of Independence had “no inaugurated bureau experience. What they had was a low faith that leisure is a present from God. They had a integrity to arise adult opposite a authoritarian King.”

As a Wall Street Journal and a Washington Post forked out Thursday evening, a infancy of a 51 signers — during slightest 27 — had been inaugurated to office, mostly to colonial assemblies. Those who had hold inaugurated bureau enclosed Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, Samuel Adams, John Hancock, and Benjamin Franklin, among others.

Faced with this fact, Carson’s web page was altered to read, “Every signer of a Declaration of Independence had no sovereign inaugurated bureau experience.”

The smirch in this Facebook edit, a Wall Street Journal forked out, is that a signers couldn’t have had sovereign inaugurated knowledge “because there was no sovereign supervision before to that time.”

Article source: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/ben-carson-misstates-political-experience-of-founding-fathers/

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