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Ben Zobrist doing it all for a Royals: ‘Thank God we got him’

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – A few days before this year’s trade deadline, a Kansas City Royals had a 7½-game lead in a American League Central division.

A second uninterrupted outing to a playoffs seemed a nearby certainty, though ubiquitous manager Dayton Moore had something some-more in mind.

He acquired starting pitcher Johnny Cueto from a Cincinnati Reds on Jul 26 and dual days after combined infielder/outfielder Ben Zobrist from a Oakland Athletics. Those dual moves were as mystic as they were practical: a Royals were going to do all in their energy to get behind to a World Series – and go one step further.

“We knew that we were here to assistance a group win in a postseason,” Zobrist said. “To assistance win in a postseason, it means a lot for me to be means to contribute, hopefully minister to a initial World Series championship here in 30 years.”

Zobrist did his partial as a Royals took Game 1, removing on bottom 4 times and scoring once in a marathon, 14-inning feat over a New York Mets.

His singular in a 14th played an critical partial in a winning convene with Alcides Ecobar relocating from initial to third on a play – and eventually scoring on Eric Hosmer’s scapegoat fly.

While Cueto has had his moments in a Kansas City uniform – a biggest of that might come on Wednesday night when he starts Game 2 – a array of Royals credit a further of Zobrist as a one thing that incited this year’s group from one that could contest for a pretension to one that had a good possibility to win it.

“Ben’s been doing his thing. He’s usually been lights out with a bat and a glove,” pronounced outfielder Jarrod Dyson. “Huge pickup. “

A two-time All-Star, Zobrist has contributed in mixed ways for a Royals. Upon his arrival, a Royals slotted him in left margin to fill in for harmed Gold Glover Alex Gordon.

“He’s a good adequate contestant and a good adequate actor that he can go out there and get a pursuit done,” Gordon said. “When he was out there, he strike good and played good invulnerability so it really filled that blank while we was down.”

Zobrist rubbed a pursuit skilfully for a month until Gordon was means to lapse during a commencement of September. Then he seamlessly changed to second base, where he gave a group an descent and defensive ascent over Omar Infante.

“We work together each day, holding groundballs and doing a double-play routine,” pronounced shortstop Alcides Escobar. “He’s a really versatile man who can play any position, and he handles second really well.”

It’s tough to quantify Zobrist’s value, though there are ways to try. Zobrist has always rated rarely in a all-encompassing stat Wins Above Replacement, that measures a player’s altogether contributions on offense, invulnerability and baserunning.

According to Baseball-Reference.com, Zobrist was a third many profitable actor in a majors in 2009. His 8.6 WAR trailed usually AL Cy Young Award leader Zack Greinke of (then, of a Royals) and unanimous NL MVP Albert Pujols.

In 2011, his 8.7 WAR was a top for any position player, usually behind Cliff Lee and tied with Roy Halladay.

“I haven’t talked to Dayton about this, though we would assume that’s substantially a large reason given they done a biggest pull to get me from Oakland given of Gordo’s injury,” Zobrist said.

“If Gordon hadn’t been injured, we don’t know that we would have been traded here. Certainly given we could fill in out there and maybe fill in in a infield when Gordo came back, we consider it done me their primary position actor aim during a time. So it worked out good for everybody.”

Slotted into a No. 2 mark in a Royals batting order, Zobrist strike .284 as a Royal with 37 runs scored and 23 RBI in 59 games.

Through a initial dual rounds of a playoffs, he’s continued to be an descent force, attack .326 with 10 runs scored and a array of pivotal hits, generally in a ALCS.

“Thank God we got him,” pronounced Royals attack manager Dale Sveum. “This guy’s a reason given we’re sitting in this room right now. He’s been a large partial of some of them comebacks – a first-inning home run opposite (David) Price, a first-inning home run opposite (R.A.) Dickey. These are huge, outrageous hits in array when we go out and put large runs on a board.”

Like many of his Kansas City teammates, Zobrist knows how it feels to get to a World Series and tumble short.

He was a member of a Tampa Bay Rays in 2008 when they fell to a Philadelphia Phillies.

“This bar has got a small bit some-more of a brew of guys that are experienced, they’re prepared to be here and wish to win it,” he said. “In Tampa Bay, we were usually happy to be there and couldn’t trust we had done it there.”

The Royals really have their sights set on celebrating once a Series is over.

“Losing Game 7 of a World Series final year hurt. It harm everybody,” manager Ned Yost said. “The integrity in a bar and in a guys has positively been heightened given of it.”

And if they do get over a mound and better a Mets for a franchise’s initial World Series pretension given 1985, Zobrist will be a vital partial of it.

“Zo’s a unusual guy. A unusual player. He can play 9 opposite positions, he can substantially representation if we indispensable him to.” pronounced third baseman Mike Moustakas.

“He’s a man that’s out there personification tough each singular day. Energetic, dismissed adult when things are going good. Letting everybody know when things aren’t. He’s been a outrageous further to what we do here.”

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