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Benjamin Netanyahu’s blinkered perspective of American politics

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel shows an painting as he describes his concerns over Iran’s chief ambitions during an residence to to a United Nations General Assembly during U.N. domicile in Sep 2012. Netanyahu will unequivocally need to adult his PowerPoint diversion in his arriving residence to Congress.  (AP File Photo/Richard Drew)

When we initial wrote about Benjamin Netanyahu’s residence to a corner event of Congress hostile a chief understanding with Iran, we was mostly focusing on the domestic politics of President Obama’s trolling and a GOP’s counter-trolling.

In a 5 weeks since, a outcome of a debate on a Israeli-American attribute has come into sheer relief, and a outcome could best be described as “toxic.” U.S. officials have bloody Israeli officials for what they consider are inequitable leaks to a press about a ongoing negotiations with Iran. National Security Adviser Susan Rice told Charlie Rose prosaic out that Netanyahu’s preference to pronounce is “destructive of a fabric of a relationship” between Israel and a United States. Now we don’t have a ton of knowledge in government, though I’m flattering certain that if you’re an Israeli unfamiliar process principal, those are not a difference we wish to hear entrance out of a White House official’s mouth.

Well, during slightest Netanyahu has Congress to tumble behind on… solely he seems to be doing his damnedest to alienate a Democratic members of Congress, as well, as Reuters reports:

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declined on Tuesday an invitation to accommodate with U.S. Senate Democrats during his outing to Washington subsequent week.

“Though we severely conclude your kind invitation to accommodate with Democratic Senators, we trust that doing so during this time could devalue a misperception of partisanship per my arriving visit,” Netanyahu wrote in a minute to Senators Richard Durbin and Dianne Feinstein performed by Reuters.

Durbin and Feinstein, dual comparison Senate Democrats, invited Netanyahu to a closed-door assembly with Democratic senators in a minute on Monday, warning that creation U.S.-Israeli family a narrow-minded domestic emanate could have “lasting repercussions.”

Jeffrey Goldberg’s latest reporting in a Atlantic highlights even some-more flummoxing function from Netanyahu’s team:

The Netanyahu stay is disturbed about a domestic impact of  its preemptive strike on Capitol Hill, I’m told. Netanyahu understands that he will be blazing his remaining bridges to a White House by going adult to a Hill subsequent week. Israelis tighten to Netanyahu have been warning him that his preference to plainly align with a Republican Party opposite a Democratic boss is both rare and deeply risky. In fact, Netanyahu’s possess inhabitant confidence advisor, Yossi Cohen, told during slightest dual people during his revisit to Washington final week that he wished a debate were not holding place. According to people who have oral with him, Cohen pronounced that he is uneasy by a timing of a debate —two weeks before a Israeli elections—and by a coming that it is an try by Israel to insert itself directly into American narrow-minded politics. Like many Israeli inhabitant confidence officials, he understands that a United States is Israel’s second-line of defense, and can’t utterly trust that Netanyahu has so dramatically created off a boss with roughly dual years left in office.

Netanyahu’s allies trust that a primary apportion is scold to disagree opposite a not-yet-finished understanding (as a sum are now understood), since it could, over time, legitimize Iran’s chief ambitions. But they are dissapoint by a demeanour in that a debate was arranged.

In essence, Netanyahu is move as if Obama’s sore steep standing as boss renders him unable to control unfamiliar affairs. Which is flattering many insane.

The thing about many unfamiliar process decision-making is that a lot of it is irrevocable. In some cases it’s literally impossible: The United States can’t un-invade Iraq, for example. In other cases, a accumulative effects of certain choices renders a sold process radically sealed in. The United States can’t unequivocally renegotiate NAFTA or dramatically diminish a mercantile opening to China, for example. Instances in that a destiny boss legally reverses march on a before president’s commitments — like, say, a George W. Bush administration’s reversals on a Kyoto Protocol and a International Criminal Court — fundamentally trigger serious tactful blowback.

The imagination amicable scholarship tenure for this is “path dependence.” And a pivotal doubt to ask is either a P5+1 agreement with Iran would have identical trail contingent effects. Netanyahu seems to consider that a answer is no.

This creates Netanyahu’s preference to broach this debate all a some-more confusing. The extrinsic value-added of addressing Congress (as against to only AIPAC, that he was going to do anyway) is not that good (indeed, polling suggests a passed heat in a arriving Israeli election). The debate is such an apparent bid by Netanyahu to accelerate his domestic position that a conduct of Israel’s choosing elect has ruled that the debate will be promote on a five-minute delay to dig any blatant campaigning.

Benjamin Netanyahu is many things, though foolish is not one of them. Why is he posterior a march of movement he is posterior notwithstanding a fretting of his inhabitant confidence team?

I consider there are dual probable answers. The initial is that, for Netanyahu, this is a Hail Mary pass designed to somehow blunt any movement toward a nascent understanding with Iran. He thinks that a contingency of a understanding are so frightful that he’s peaceful to destroy a bipartisan accord behind a U.S.-Israel attribute in sequence to save it. It’s a really unsure though plausibly receptive gambit.

The second probability is that trail coherence has wreaked massacre on Netanyahu’s perceptions of a Obama administration. After 6 years of contretemps, a layers of mutual disregard between Netanyahu and Obama are so low that a Israeli primary apportion cannot reverse his march of action. He’s sealed into a particularly zero-sum worldview when meditative about a attribute with the White House and his administration. And that worldview helps to intensify a tensions that he already believes to exist.

Either way, if Netanyau is reelected and if a P5+1 understanding is reached — and these are both large ifs — a effects on a shared attribute over a subsequent dual years will be devastating.

Article source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/posteverything/wp/2015/02/25/benjamin-netanyahus-blinkered-view-of-american-politics/

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