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Berlin Tech Startup Aims To Simplify Bus Travel

Booking intercity ride by train isn’t as easy as it is by craft when engagement by a company. But shouldn’t it be?

That’s where Distribusion rolls in — the Berlin tech and ride startup that wants to redefine intercity train ride by bringing a some-more seamless knowledge to a train ticketing routine for ride companies and customers.

“You can simply book a moody during any ride group or website around a world. This is not probable for intercity train tickets,” Distribusion CEO Julian Hauck and co-founder wrote in a association news release. ”We wish to change that and make placement of train products as elementary and cost-efficient as possible. …Up until now, ride agencies and OTAs have had to bond to several providers and say mixed reservation systems. We are charity a one-stop resolution with all intercity train products from a singular source with a top information quality.”

The idea of Distribusion is to offer ride companies a possibility to sell intercity train tickets in a same demeanour they would sell flights. It’s like a Expedia of train travel. Hauck pronounced a association has collaborated with some-more than 30 train operators and “provides standardised train calm for dozens of ride websites.” By regulating what Distribusion describes a “one-stop solution” it allows ride companies to use a accumulation of intercity train providers underneath one site. The resolution they are perplexing to yield is to concede ride agencies to offer train tickets from mixed companies — and mostly during a reduced cost.

“The fast expansion of a marketplace boosts a possess expansion strategy,”Hauck said. “The German marketplace grew by 140 percent given final year and in a U.S. intercity buses are a fastest-growing means of prolonged stretch transport. Our knowledge with retailing train products has shown that a attention requires a specialized resolution for the general distribution.”



Article source: http://www.pymnts.com/news/2015/berlin-tech-startup-aims-to-simplify-bus-travel/

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