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Best apps to forestall transport mishaps

Staying protected and healthy while roving isn’t always easy. Despite your best intentions and many consummate preparation, disaster can strike, either it’s as tiny as a rental-car buffer bender or as critical as a hurricane. Thankfully, record can help. Prevent on-the-road disaster — or learn how to cope when it occurs — with these must-have smartphone apps.

Smart Traveler

Be a savviest universe traveler with this mobile app from a U.S. Department of State, that rounds adult central nation information, transport alerts, transport warnings, maps, U.S. embassy locations and more. Check your end for updated reserve and confidence alerts or entrance a list of embassies should we need assistance recuperating a mislaid or stolen passport. You can entrance a Smart Traveler Enrollment Program, that can assistance your family and friends strech we in a eventuality of an emergency, such as polite disturbance in a unknown country. Best of all, a app facilities a good airfield time-waster: Simply shake your device and get central information about a pointless country.

Available for giveaway on Android and Apple devices; State.gov.


This personal-safety app is packaged with facilities designed to keep we secure on a highway or during home. Set adult a personal network of friends and family, and send notifications of your plcae regulating GPS-enabled service. Use a timer mode to send involuntary alarms if we have not checked in to pre-appointed locations, and even set adult a feign incoming call to mislay yourself from neglected conversations. Live GPS tracking creates it easy to accommodate adult with friends or family and to safeguard that everybody gets to their destinations protected and sound, generally in unknown cities. If an alarm is triggered, your phone can even broadcast a summons sound and record video.

Available for giveaway on Android and Apple devices; GetBSafe.com.

Hurricane By American Red Cross

Traveling to a hurricane-prone destination? A continue app is a good elementary for your garden-variety stormy days, though in a eventuality of some-more critical continue events, you’ll wish a some-more critical app to match. Get a American Red Cross’s Hurricane app to lane and guard conditions for your area, download elementary checklists for whirly preparedness, entrance a toolkit with a flashlight, a strobe light, and an heard alarm, and use a one-touch “I’m Safe” messaging complement to warning desired ones in a eventuality that a charge hits and we can’t be reached. You’ll also accept NOAA continue alerts when plcae services are enabled.

Available for giveaway on Android and Apple devices; RedCross.org.

Travel Safe

Everyone knows that we dial “911″ for assistance in a U.S., though do we know a puncture numbers in your transport destination? You needn’t write them down or demeanour them up. Just download a seamless Travel Safe app, that facilities a list of puncture numbers in your plcae on an easy-to-access home shade that facilities one-touch dialing. Simply capacitate a plcae services and a app will automatically detect your plcae to entrance medical, glow and military numbers; if we don’t have Wi-Fi, we can manually set your location. You can also emanate a tradition list of puncture contacts and personal information for puncture responders.

Available for $0.99 on Android inclination and $1.29 on Apple devices; LKapps.com.


Driving can be a frightful endeavour even during home. Now supplement a highlight of a bizarre end and an unknown let car, and even a best drivers among us can be during risk for a dustup on a road. Be prepared for a misfortune with a iWrecked app. Create a entirely minute collision record and import photos of a repairs as good as car numbers and word information of other drivers. You can find circuitously cab and towing companies for assistance, or, in a box of injury, entrance one-touch emergency-department calling.

Available for giveaway on Android and Apple devices; VurgoodApps.com.

First Aid By American Red Cross

Another essential apparatus from a friends during a American Red Cross, this initial assist app contains all we need to know about puncture medical intervention, either you’re battling brush snakes in Australia or simply a sprained flesh during a Magic Kingdom. Access step-by-step medical-care instructions for a series of injuries and illnesses; preloaded calm means that even if we remove a information or Wi-Fi signal, we can still entrance reserve information in a eventuality of an emergency. Best of all, entirely integrated record allows users to make puncture calls directly within a app during any time.

Available for giveaway on Android and Apple devices; RedCross.org.


Simply removing to your moody on time, with all bags accounted for, can be a challenge. The GateGuru app helps avert airfield disaster with a series of facilities designed to keep we orderly — and lucid — while traveling. The JourneyCard stores your channel and displays confidence wait times, moody delays, embankment changes and layover adjustments on one easy-to-find screen. The AirportCard gives we easy-access airport-amenity information, maps, continue forecasts, and traveler tips. Never again will we be astounded by a depot change, a nasty thunderstorm or another vacation-ruining revelation.

Available for giveaway on Android, Apple, and Windows Phone devices; GateGuruApp.com.

TripAdvisor Offline City Guides

This app’s new offline functionality, that launched progressing this month, is a good item when Wi-Fi entrance is uneven or an abroad information devise impossible. Simply download a information for your end before we arrive. Even if we remove your information or Wi-Fi signal, you’ll still be means to entrance reviews, photos and city maps — definition we won’t get mislaid in a bizarre end (or have to rest on strangers for help). The app contains dozens of offline city guides accessible for download, with some-more in a works.

Available for giveaway on Android and Apple devices; TripAdvisor.com.

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