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Best of Apr Fools: Backwards Google, Uber with cats

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Best of Apr Fools: Backwards Google, Uber with cats

Happy Apr Fools’ Day, also famous as a comprehensive misfortune day to be a journalist. The final integrate years, tech giants like Google have jumped in on a fun with their possess crafty pranks, trimming from Angry Birds



In time for Apr Fools’ Day, Google is regulating Maps to compensate reverence to a classical video diversion Pac-Man, permitting users to play it in their possess city streets.

Happy Apr Fools’ Day, also famous as a comprehensive misfortune day to be a journalist.

The final integrate years, tech giants like Google have jumped in on a fun with their possess crafty pranks, trimming from Angry Birds practical existence to David Hasselhoff photobombs.

This year is no different. Let’s take a demeanour during some of a best:

Backwards Google.

This initial one is flattering straightforward. Type com.google in your Web browser. Everything is backwards.

Chrome selfies.

Web stories and videos competence make us laugh, or cry, or scream. That’s where a Chrome Selfie comes in. Users can share their emotions with a selfie trustworthy right with a story. “With so many of a time spent browsing online, many Chrome users remove adult to 6 hours of selfie-taking time each day,” says AbdelKarim Mardini, Chrome product manager and “pro prankster.”

Play Pac-Man on Google Maps

Google expelled this one Tuesday, though in box we missed it, players go to Google Maps and collect a city. Then click on a Pac-Man idol in a reduce left of your browser. Hope we didn’t devise on doing anything prolific today.

Roku’s dating use for streamers

Some people demeanour for a clarity of amusement or good looks when seeking someone to date. Roku goes one step serve with faux dating use Rendezvous, that allows users to find a partner formed usually on what TV shows or cinema they stream. A good place to find love, and maybe someone to plead a latest part of Game of Thrones.

Birchbox: we got my brave in a box

No time to grow a beard? Order one by mail. Subscription use Birchbox offers a Mail Order Beard Box, finish with facial epoxy, brave wave, a “bag o’ whiskers,” comb-in color and a brave comb. If we don’t feel a need to grow facial hair, there’s this box inspired by Saved By The Bell, finished with Zack Morris’ aged cellphone.

A intelligent blade for chefs

Add this to a mixed versions of Samsung’s Galaxy S line of smartphones. Introducing a Galaxy Blade Edge, a world’s initial intelligent knife. It’s water- and fire-proof, thermometer stylus and a foldable handle. It also chops 50% faster than normal knives. But can we refurbish my Facebook status?

MS-DOS goes mobile

Microsoft’s subsequent mobile handling complement goes behind to a roots, with a chronicle of a Lumia smartphone using MS-DOS. “Black-and-white content has never looked so good,” says Tom Messett from Lumia’s selling division. The usually thing blank are a floppy disks.

Underwater with PlayStation 4

Ever wish to tackle an underwater method in a video diversion by going true to a swimming pool? PlayStation Flow has we covered. The record includes a accumulation of sensors and special eyeglasses that tide diversion movement while underwater. Once reaching an underwater section, we postponement a game, tag on Flow and conduct to a pool.

Selfie shoes

Selfie sticks? So lame. Now we can take overwhelming self portraits with a Selfie Shoe. we usually wish you’re unequivocally flexible.

Amazon goes retro

Notice anything opposite with Amazon’s home page today? The online tradesman takes a outing behind to 1999 with a redesign of a front page. Among a featured items: a book Cubicle Warfare: 101 Office Traps and Pranks and underneath toys, a classical whoopie cushion.

T-Mobile goes to a dogs

Want a smartphone devise for your dog, or cat, or goldfish? Of march we do! T-Mobile unveils Pets Unleashed, that will concede business to supplement their pets to family plans. “U.S. pet owners spend about $50 billion a year on their pets – and approximately 0 of those pets are connected,” quips T-Mobile CEO John Legere. “Talk about an under-served population!”

Grøüber: Uber with pushing cats

Imagine Uber, usually featuring cats as drivers. “Using cars with GPS-guided red lasers we vigilance a scold track to a four-legged pool captain behind a circle to make your outing as discerning and fit as possible,” reads a matter from Groupon, a daily deals use behind a initiative.

Any possibility one of a cat drivers is named Toonces?

The lapse of Clippy!

For those unknown with Sunrise, it’s a renouned calendar app acquired by Microsoft in February. And what improved approach to greatfully your new tech overloads then to move behind Windows partner Clippy. “It will know when it’s time to call your Mom, do your washing or go out to get marshmallows,” reads a post from Sunrise. Welcome back, aged friend.

ThinkGeek wins again

You know an Apr Fools’ wisecrack is good when we wish a product was real. First, there’s a Steam-powered video diversion console. No, this isn’t done by Valve. It’s a gaming complement powered by an integrated steam engine. There’s also a overwhelming Voltron Cat Condo and a Game of Thrones themed chronicle of Clue. There’s also this monstrosity: a do-it-yourself, 360-degree selfie rig:

But a prominence competence be EnCounter, a Wearable Interactive Quest. We’ll let this video explain:

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