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Bill Cosby confronting litany of allegations

(CNN) — It seems newly as if each day brings another explain that serve dismantles Bill Cosby’s picture as a jovial, pudding-loving primogenitor whose family-friendly code of comedy tickled unbroken generations.

Though a star has vehemently denied many of a accusations that he unperceiving and intimately assaulted immature women seeking career guidance, a stories are holding their price on his repute and bankroll.

The stories of Cosby’s supposed misdeeds have been around for about a decade, though they recently got new life when a comedian took aim during him and a social media attempt mouth-watering fans to meme a comic went awry.

Cosby, 77, has never faced a decider or jury, let alone been convicted, over a allegations. But it’s transparent many people have already attempted him in their minds.

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Who is Camille Cosby?

When an NPR contributor gave him a possibility to repudiate a allegations, Cosby supposing an ungainly impulse of radio silence, refusing to answer a question. Given a same possibility by The Associated Press, he charity no comment. When a talk concluded, he told a contributor that seeking him about a allegations was a symbol of low firmness and pronounced he’d be elegant if that apportionment of a talk was “scuttled.”

Here’s a outline of a supposed events altering Cosby’s image:

Linda Joy Traitz

Linda Joy Traitz has a rapist record in Florida and spent time in jail on a self-assurance of drug trafficking, according to state records.

Cosby’s lawyer, Martin D. Singer, upheld on her extensive swat piece as an denote to her character.

But Traitz spoke plainly about her record to CNN, including her final detain in 2008, that led to some-more than 3 years in jail for drug trafficking and possession.

“When we got sent to jail … it saved my life,” she said. “It was a good knowledge for me.” It finished her obsession to pain pills, and she’s been purify ever since, she said.

Numerous arrests speckle Traitz’ swat sheet, including on guess of theft, battery and forms of dishonesty — rascal and impersonation — mostly in tie with drug possession.

She pronounced Cosby pushed himself on her when she worked as a waitress during a grill in Los Angeles that Cosby co-owned when she met him in 1969.

Billboard Magazine mentioned Cosby co-owned a grill in a 1970 article.

Traitz was possibly 18 or 19 during a time, she said; she did not remember exactly. But she was uninformed out of high propagandize and new to a city, she said.

Cosby charity her a float home though on a way, told her he’d like to pitch by a beach with her in his Rolls Royce, she said. They parked, and he charity her drugs, an array of brightly colored pills, “to relax,” she alleged.

She pronounced no, a few times. “He kept charity me a pills,” she alleged, and it done her feel uncomfortable. She claimed that he afterwards groped her chest, pulling her down in a chair and toward a door, and attempted to lay on tip her.

She got out of a automobile and ran, she said. She combined that she was “absolutely not” raped. He attempted to ease her, she said, afterwards gathering her home in silence.

Cosby’s profession pronounced her criticism was not true.

“Ms. Traitz is a latest instance of people entrance out of a woodwork with built or unsubstantiated stories about my client,” Singer pronounced in a statement.

Louisa Moritz

“We’ve reached a indicate of absurdity.”

That was a greeting of Cosby’s profession when former singer Louisa Moritz told her story to celebration website TMZ.

“The stories are removing some-more ridiculous. Now this lady is claiming that something occurred some-more than 40 years ago and that while she was watchful in a sauce room to seem on a Tonight Show, my customer forced his penis into her mouth,” a matter read.

That is what TMZ reported that Moritz alleged.

She was in a immature room during NBC in New York, when Cosby paid her a visit, she alleges. He charity to spin her into a “major star by his direction,” she told TMZ.

Then he forced himself on her, she alleged.

Moritz was famous for her roles mostly as a blonde bombshell, according to her IMDb profile. She is substantially best famous for her purpose as a prostitute in “One Flew Over a Cuckoo’s Nest.”

In genuine life, she was anything though mindless, IMDb wrote. She was a protected counsel in California, and done a dean’s list in law school.

Singer also called her credit into doubt over disciplinary movement a state bar took opposite her over a authorised fee.

She perceived as a disciplinary magnitude a “public reproval” in 2013 after holding a authorised price for work that was not performed. She refunded a fee, after a customer complained to a bar, according to documents.

In Sep this year, Moritz, who is 68, did not respond to a notice of disciplinary charges, and as a result, a justice endorsed her disbarment.

CNN done mixed calls to numbers listed for Moritz, and has not been means to strech her.

Andrea Constand

In Jan 2004, Constand, afterwards a 31-year-old staffer for a women’s basketball group during Temple University — Cosby’s alma mater — was during a comedian’s Cheltenham, Pennsylvania, home when Cosby supposing her remedy that done her dizzy, she supposed a following year.

She after woke adult to find her bra dismantled and her garments in disarray, she serve supposed to military in her home range of Ontario, Canada, in Jan 2005.

Though his profession primarily called Constand’s explain “utterly preposterous” and no charges were filed, Cosby staid a polite fit with Constand that supposed 13 Jane Does had identical stories of passionate abuse.

When Cosby profession John Schmitt this week sent out a sweeping rejection of several allegations that have cropped adult recently, he after nice his rejection to contend he wasn’t referring to Constand, who resolved her differences “to a mutual compensation of Mr. Cosby and Ms. Constand years ago.”

Joan Tarshis

Tarshis was a 19-year-old singer in 1969 when, she says, she met Cosby in Los Angeles. The dual became friendly. One night after taping his sitcom, he invited her behind to his bungalow and bound her a “redeye” (a Bloody Mary surfaced with beer), she supposed this month.

“The subsequent thing we remember was entrance to on his cot while being undressed,” she told Hollywood Elsewhere. “I was disgusted by what was function to me and repelled that this masculine we had treasured was now raping me. Of march we told no one.”

It was a initial of dual identical incidents, pronounced Tarshis, who is now a publisher and publicist.

Carla Ferrigno

The now-wife of “The Incredible Hulk” star Lou Ferrigno told CNN that Cosby forcibly kissed her during his home in 1967.

Carla Ferrigno pronounced she told her husband, whom she married in 1980, about a occurrence about 5 years ago and he suggested her to stay silent.

“I am going open (now) since we am usually one some-more chairman who puts a spike in his coffin,” she said.

A Cosby counsel called a media coverage of a explain “utter nonsense.”

“This stability settlement of attacks on Mr. Cosby has entered a area of a ridiculous, with a supposed ‘forceful kiss’ during a celebration in 1967, scarcely 50 years ago, being treated as a stream ‘news story’ and grossly mischaracterized as a ‘sexual assault,’” profession Singer pronounced in a statement.

Carla Ferrigno was an 18-year-old Playboy Bunny when she went with a masculine crony to Cosby’s house. The comedian and his mother went to a film with Ferrigno and her date, afterwards returned to Cosby’s home in Beverly Hills.

She told CNN that Cosby’s mother left while a other 3 played pool.

After her date left a room, Cosby grabbed her, pulled her to him and kissed her, she said.

“It was so astonishing and so rough. He kissed me right in a mouth.”

Tamara Green

In 1970, profession Green was an determined indication in her early 20s. At a operative lunch with Cosby and others, she was pang from a influenza and Cosby “went into some arrange of bureau area during a behind of a grill and he constructed dual capsules in his hand,” she told Matt Lauer of a “Today Show.” At first, they done her feel “great” and afterwards left her “almost literally face down on a list of this restaurant.”

Cosby took her to her unit and started “groping me and kissing me and touching me and doing me and we know, holding off my clothes,” Green said. After revelation Cosby “that if he didn’t kill me and he attempted to rape me, it was going to go really badly,” he left dual $100 bills on her coffee list and left, she pronounced in her 2005 allegation.

A counsel for Cosby told a show, “Miss Green’s allegations are positively false. Mr. Cosby does not know a name Tamara Green or (maiden name) Tamara Lucier, and a occurrence she describes did not happen.

Janice Dickinson

Cosby was a informed face in 1982, not usually for his comedy, though also for his Jell-O and Coca-Cola commercials. Dickinson was a supermodel in her late 20s.

Dickinson supposed this week that she and Cosby had cooking in Lake Tahoe, Nevada, and he gave her a potion of red booze and a tablet she believed was for menstrual cramps.

“The final thing we remember was Bill Cosby in a patchwork robe, dropping his dress and removing on tip of me. And we remember a lot of pain,” she told “Entertainment Tonight.”

Cosby’s attorney, Singer, pronounced in a matter that Dickinson’s explain was a “fabricated lie” that contradicted what she wrote in her journal and what she pronounced during a 2002 New York Observer interview.

Beth Ferrier

Ferrier told media outlets in 2005 that she met Cosby in Denver in a mid-’80s. He mentored her for a time, though one night, she said, he gave her a unperceiving cappuccino.

“I woke adult in my automobile in a parking lot with my garments all a mess,” she said. “I wondered, we still wonder, ‘What did he do with me? Why was my bra unhooked?’ “

The dual after conducted an “on-and-off consensual affair” that lasted several years, she supposed to People magazine.

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“He kept luring me in,” Ferrier told a magazine. “I felt like we couldn’t contend no.”

At a time, Cosby’s publicist told People that he had no comment.

Barbara Bowman

In 1985, when Cosby was starring in his eponymous No. 1 TV uncover as a doting, wisecracking father and doctor, Bowman, a 17-year-old indication and actress, met Cosby in Denver. She came brazen with her allegations in 2006 and recently wrote a mainstay in The Washington Post doubt because no one listened to her a initial time.

According to Bowman’s account, Cosby visited her countless times, giving her behaving lessons and “flying me around to vital cities to events,” she told Newsweek. After she incited 18, Cosby “assaulted (me) a series of times.” In an occurrence in New York, Bowman “had one potion of booze and afterwards we blacked out. we woke adult throwing adult in a toilet. … we was wearing a white T-shirt that wasn’t mine, and he was in a white robe.”

In an occurrence in Atlantic City, an indignant Cosby “got on tip of me and started holding his pants off and we was screaming and great and vagrant him to leave me alone and we fought so tough and we was screaming so shrill that he got insane and threw me aside and got divided from me, and that was it.”

The Cosby stay replied, “Over a final several weeks, decade-old, discredited allegations opposite Mr. Cosby have resurfaced. The fact that they are being steady does not make them true. Mr. Cosby does not intend to enhance these allegations with any comment.”

And here is a outline of how a allegations are inspiring his career:


On a Netflix website, it still lists a accessibility of “Bill Cosby 77″ as “coming soon.” However, a streaming and DVD use announced this week that a stand-up comedy special, filmed before a live assembly in July, will not premiere the day after Thanksgiving as planned.

The association did not elaborate, arising a matter that pronounced only, “At this time we are postponing a launch of a new mount adult comedy special ‘Bill Cosby 77.’”

A Netflix mouthpiece declined to criticism further.


NBC has also motionless opposite moving brazen with a possess Cosby project.

The network pronounced Wednesday that it has opted to stop building a comedy show, which was billed this summer as a “classic, large extended-family sitcom” revolving around Cosby.

“We can endorse that a Cosby plan is no longer in development,” NBC said.

The network had no serve comment.

TV Land

TV Land, one of a networks that have reruns of “The Cosby Show” in their lineups, sensitively private a sitcom from a programming news Wednesday.

TV Land also deleted a “Cosby Show” page from a website.

The channel did not respond to requests for criticism about a disappearance of a show.

CNN’s AnneClaire Stapleton, Todd Leopold and Brian Stelter contributed to this report.

Article source: http://www.cnn.com/2014/11/20/showbiz/bill-cosby-allegations-repercussions/

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