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Bill Cosby Says Nothing When Asked About Sexual Assault Allegations

In an talk with NPR Saturday, Bill Cosby was asked to respond to claims that he intimately assaulted several women—but Cosby only shook his conduct no, according to “Weekend Edition” horde Scott Simon.

Bill Cosby and his wife, Camille, were articulate to Simon about their collection of African art on arrangement during a Smithsonian Institution. About 3 mins and 35 seconds into a interview, Simon took a review elsewhere.

“This doubt gives me no pleasure, Mr. Cosby. But there have been critical allegations lifted about we in new days.” There is an listened pause, afterwards Simon said, “You’re jolt your conduct ‘no.’”

A handful of women have indicted Bill Cosby of passionate assault for years. But a former “Cosby Show” star has come underneath uninformed inspection after comedian Hannibal Buress referred to Cosby as a “rapist” during a set final month. Artist Barbara Bowman, one of Cosby’s purported victims, also wrote an essay for a Washington Post this week, in that she indicted Cosby of drugging and raping her. Amid a swirling allegations, news pennyless this week that an coming by Bill Cosby on David Letterman’s late-night uncover had been canceled by Cosby.

“I’m in a news business, we have to ask a question,” Simon continued. “Do we have any response to those charges?”

There was another pause. Simon said, “You’re jolt your conduct no. There are people who adore we who competence like to hear from we about this. we wish to give we a chance.”

After a few seconds, it was transparent Cosby would not respond to a question, and Simon returned to a subject of a couple’s African art collection.

This week Cosby—or whoever handles Cosby’s Twitter account—invited amicable media users to “meme” him with a hashtag #cosbymeme final week. Things fast got out of hand:

The twitter requesting memes seems to have been deleted, though a comment is retweeting amicable media users who support him:

Bill Cosby’s website features a post by Dr. Christine Kreamer, curator during a Smithsonian, where she writes about a success of a Cosby couple’s art exhibit.

“Many people came adult to me and thanked a museum for formulating such a beautiful, rich, and thought-provoking exhibition, and they voiced thankfulness that a good Drs. Cosby so easily common their collection with a ubiquitous open so that a names and accomplishments of a artists who combined such pretentious works of art are not mislaid to story (paraphrasing what we listened Dr. Bill contend on some-more than one occasion),” she writes.

Beneath a post?

“Comments are closed.”

Article source: http://www.boston.com/news/nation/2014/11/15/bill-cosby-says-nothing-when-asked-about-sexual-assault-allegations/qFPwojOQ9aa1cFQoWIsNKM/story.html

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