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Bill Cosby’s counsel signals invulnerability strategy: ‘It’s politics’

A day after Bill Cosby was charged, arraigned and requisitioned on an rare sexual-assault charge, his counsel on Thursday publicly signaled a initial figure of his defense: It’s all politics, and there will be no defence agreement.

Monique Pressley, one of Cosby’s lawyers and spokeswoman for his authorised team, went on a Today uncover and announced that Cosby is not guilty of second-degree aggravated indecent conflict behind in 2004.

She pronounced he’s been “unjustly accused,” that he is a plant of “a diversion of domestic football,” and that he is assured he will be vindicated in a trial.

“My customer is not guilty and there will be no care on a partial of any arrange of arrangement,” she said in answer to a doubt from Savannah Guthrie about a probability of a defence agreement.

Her position suggests there will indeed be a hearing of Cosby in 2016, in what would be a first sensational luminary rapist hearing of a Twitter age.

Cosby has been charged by the newly inaugurated Montgomery County district attorney, Kevin Steele, following a debate in that he vowed to revisit a accusations opposite Cosby before a state’s 12-year government of stipulations lapsed in January.

“We design a DA, who is is rarely motivated, who is fulfilling a debate promise,…is going to do whatever he can to remonstrate a decider to cruise all forms of justification that do not go in a court,” Pressley said, in answer to a doubt about either other accusers of Cosby (who now series scarcely 60) will be authorised to attest during a trial.

Pressley accompanied Cosby to his prosecution and military engagement Wednesday in Montgomery County, in a suburbs of his hometown of Philadelphia.  As a host of media surrounded them, Pressley helped Cosby in and out of a automobile and physically upheld him as he shuffled — scarcely tripping and descending during one point — into a courthouse.

He pleaded not guilty, posted 10% of a $1 million bond, incited over his pass and was expelled to lapse to his circuitously home, a stage of a purported crime.

Standing by a behind embankment of a sprawling mill mansion, Pressley pronounced Wednesday that Cosby was holding adult notwithstanding his age (78) and frailty. ”He’s clever and he’s of good spirits.”

Cosby is indicted of drugging and intimately assaulting a former Temple University employee, Andrea Constand, in 2004 after she visited him during his home for career advice.

Constand attempted to pursue Cosby on a rapist assign in 2005 though a district profession during a time, Bruce Castor, pronounced there was not adequate evidence. So she sued Cosby in polite court and in 2006 they settled. Earlier this year, deleterious excerpts of his deposition in a polite fit were released, display Cosby concurred receiving drugs to give to women he sought for sex.

Steele, a emissary DA who will take bureau as DA in January, degraded Castor in a choosing after a debate in that he ran ads opposite Castor criticizing him as not caring about victims since of his decade-old decisions in the Cosby-Constand case.

Steele pronounced Wednesday that Cosby’s possess difference in his deposition form a basement of his case against him, a initial rapist assign filed opposite Cosby after some-more than a year of ascent liaison and accusations that he unperceiving and/or raped scores of women in episodes dating behind as distant as mid-1960s.

Pressley argued that Cosby was pressured by former district profession Castor to settle Constand’s polite fit and to attend in a deposition, and that it was after “illegally” done open in a trickle from a justice reporter.

“if we demeanour during a deposition, there is no admission of rapist indiscretion by Mr. Cosby,” she said.

Excerpts of a deposition were expelled by a decider this summer after a Associated Press filed a motion, and most some-more expanded excerpts were leaked to the New York Times later.

Contributing: Sara Spencer, The News Journal

Article source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/life/people/2015/12/31/bill-cosbys-lawyer-signals-defense-strategy-s-politics/78127902/

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