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BlackBerry CEO Disparage Samsung and Google Over Security Issues

It seems that BlackBerry is not tender by a confidence measures used by Samsung or Google. In a blog post a CEO of BlackBerry John Chen showed took down a brace on Google’s call on appropriation Sammy’s KNOX confidence height for a android platform. He wrote,” While both Samsung and Google had good skeleton in past per confidence concerns, though it’s not that one craving their customary should demeanour brazen to. They should improved demeanour for those companies for confidence assistance that have proven lane record instead of those that only speak large about confidence talk. After all it’s not about one or two, though millions of people whose confidence is on stack.”


Recently a consult was conducted that suggested that many of a people while shopping a mobile phone inquired about dual things most; confidence and price. Hence all attention leaders have indulge in a quarrel to offer a many cumulative OS. Please note that Chain is not a initial chairman who has lifted finger on confidence measures of Google’s handling system. Recently Tim Cook, Apple CEO on a arise of WWDC launch of iOS 7 said,” Google is doing no probity with a customers. It has dominated mobile malware marketplace some-more than any other association in new few years.”

Though Chain shows a lot of confidence concerns, though during a same time he has to solve a large emanate himself and that is to make business wish to use BlackBerry in a choose-your-own device world. It will be good to see as how does he hoop stream marketplace foe and specifically Google.

Article source: http://yottafire.com/2014/07/blackberry-ceo-disparage-samsung-and-google-over-security-issues/

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