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BlackBerry Priv review: Android alone can’t save a company

Sports fans mostly contend that their group could lift itself out of a losing strain if customarily it’d play that sparkling though untested, child who’s customarily consigned to a bench. Gadgets fans sing a identical strain about BlackBerry, opining that it would have remained applicable if it’d adopted Android to run on a phones. Now, several years too late, we’re going to see what a long-deposed universe champion can do with a world’s many renouned handling system. The outcome is the Priv, a premium Android smartphone-cum-hail-Mary that’s charity dual things other companies can’t: Privilege and Privacy. It’s also make-up a slide-out earthy keyboard, a 5.4-inch winding arrangement and, naturally, a company’s famous confidence software. But a device has something else that we’ve not seen in a BlackBerry phone given a launch of a Q10: a expectation that a device competence indeed be value buying.

BlackBerry Priv review


For earthy keyboard devotees, there’s not many choice in a smartphone universe right now, though BlackBerry does a decent pursuit with a Priv. The high cost will deter fair-weather buyers, though if we can’t mount typing on glass, this is your customarily option. 


BlackBerry’s concentration on business business meant that a organisation clinging all of a energies toward creation stern smartphones demeanour sexy. Unfortunately, a designers fell into something of a rut, knocking out inclination from a rote list that enclosed a matte black physique with china buttons and tiny little. The adoption of a sliding, earthy keyboard has forced those atrophied artistic muscles to open into life, and that can customarily be a good thing. That’s given a Priv is substantially a best-looking BlackBerry device that has ever been made. Yes, a matte black and china buttons are still there, though a phone’s winding shade adds a much-needed sip of humanity. Then there’s a approach that it feels in a hand, given a 9.4mm firmness creates it a heifer compared to a 7mm-thick Galaxy S6 Edge. BlackBerry, however, cannily slim a edges of a phone to counterpart a display, creation it feel a lot thinner than it indeed is.

“The Priv is substantially a best-looking BlackBerry device ever.”

BlackBerry’s mythological repute for creation inclination that feel as if they can take a violence stays intact, too. we had approaching a Priv to feel groundless given that sliders, by definition, have several some-more points of automatic disaster compared to a unchanging bar smartphone. It competence be finished of dual apart parts, though we couldn’t find any hook or flex in my examination section — during slightest during a boundary we was prepared to try and spin it. The Priv has a woven potion fiber behind and a Gorilla Glass 4 arrangement coating, so I’m awaiting it to final good over a dual years that many people’s phone contracts run to.

“The phone’s somewhat winding shade adds a much-needed lurch of humanity.”

Starting with a front of a device, you’ll see a BlackBerry heading nestled subsequent a earpiece, ambient light sensor, forward-facing camera and presentation light. Just underneath that is a 5.43-inch screen, while in a chin of a device you’ll find a forward-facing orator array and primary microphone. On a tip side you’ll find a microSD container that can accept cards adult to 2TB, as good as a SIM tray — a conflicting finish houses a micro-USB 2.0 port. You’ll find a sleep/wake symbol on a left palm side, with a contingent of volume and tongue-tied buttons on a conflicting edge.

The phone stands 147mm high au naturel, though if we slip out a keyboard, that dimensions increases to 184mm. If we weren’t looking too closely during a broadside stills, we competence have missed that a Priv’s keyboard isn’t a fretted arrange you’ll find on a company’s other handsets. Instead, it’s a tradition event that, like a BlackBerry Passport, is also means of noticing elementary gestures. Each pivotal is firmly spaced and if, like me, we have fat fingers, it’ll take a while to get your eye in, though there’s a startling volume of transport given a size. Like a Passport, if a word hits a autocomplete idea bar, a tough appropriate adult on a keyboard will supplement it to your message.

I don’t cruise that it’s astray to contend that BlackBerry unequivocally customarily has dual strengths anymore: a mobile keyboard expertise and a device security. Why, then, did it not give some critical care to usually cramming in a Classic keyboard into this device? we mean, this movement is generally excellent and after some practice, you’ll be regulating it like it’s 2008 all over again, it’s usually a shame, we know?

Display and sound

BlackBerry saw fit to supply a Priv with a 5.43-inch cosmetic AMOLED arrangement with a 2,560 x 1,440 fortitude and a pixel firmness of 540 ppi. That puts it usually behind a Galaxy S6 Edge (577 ppi) and usually forward of a LG G4 (538 ppi). Using AMOLED means brighter, warmer colors and enables BlackBerry to supplement a slight bend to a Priv’s display, during a responsibility of accurate tone reproduction. Then again, if you’re shopping a BlackBerry phone, certainly you’re not clamoring for a loyal and accurate illustration of a loyal tone landscape, right? Suffice to say, if you’re examination a 1080p film on this thing, you’ll find high-definition videos demeanour overwhelming with low blacks and transparent colors.

Unlike, say, a Android app launcher you’ll find on Samsung’s Note Edge, BlackBerry hasn’t seen fit to do many with a tilted sides of a winding screen. The customarily unequivocally inestimable use, so far, is that when a arrangement is off and charging, a immature energy indicator bar runs adult a right-hand curve. It’s rather sweet, given it creeps towards a tip of a device a fuller your battery gets. Again, not a groundbreaking square of work, though it’s a lovable hold from a association that’s frequency famous for such fripperies.

Audio-wise, a bottom of a chin is given over to a short, though far-reaching orator dark behind a rope of laser-drilled holes. It’s no HTC BoomSound (what is?) though a setup is transparent adequate to yield mono sound for a whole room. In one of my weirder tests, we put a device underneath dual pillows during a other finish of my home bureau and found that a sound, while muffled, was still adequate to flog off an unpretentious dance party.


There’s some good / bad news for BlackBerry 10 devotees whose flesh memory means that they insta-swipe right to get to a BlackBerry hub. It competence be on a device, though it’s been private from a normal resting place on a left of a home screen. In a place, however, is a Productivity Hub, a relapse of your report and any critical messages that can be accessed by pulling a tiny white add-on on a left-sided bend of a screen.

The Priv uses a somewhat customized chronicle of Android 5.1.1 (Lollipop), nonetheless a biggest changes are all underneath a hood. In sequence to make a operating complement secure adequate for BlackBerry to slap a heading on it, a organisation had to supplement a cryptographic pivotal during a hardware level, harden a Linux heart and emanate a Dtek confidence app to guard user activity. If you’re extraordinary about Lollipop, greatfully indicate your browsers to our examination from a year ago, nonetheless a association has reliable to us that a Marshmallow refurbish is in a works and should be finished accessible within a subsequent 6 months.

The rest of a many conspicuous changes are cosmetic rather than functional, like a inclusion of a BlackBerry splat on an idol to prominence when we have an unread notification. Aping BlackBerry 10′s design, a default home shade is no longer during a core of a carousel, though on a left-most pane, forcing we to pull additional shortcuts serve out to a right. In addition, a app tray is now one invariably scrolling-selection, given if we appropriate to a side, you’ll be given entrance to customizable widgets and shortcuts.

BlackBerry Priv screenshots

BlackBerry is clearly priesthood to a choir here, ditching some of Android’s some-more singular navigation facilities to levy a possess system. It’s personal preference, though we cruise that it’s some-more elegant, and I’m one of a minority that backs Huawei’s argumentative preference to discharge a app tray from a possess versions of Android. I’m also certain that this pierce is expected to annoy Android devotees, and it’s uncanny how we get such easy entrance to widget options and shortcuts during a responsibility of a some-more easily-navigable app tray.

As mentioned, a other large further is Dtek, a company’s confidence apartment that sits on tip of Android and nannies we into creation certain your device is formidable to penetrate and steal. When we was environment adult a device, we skipped a choice to supplement a confidence pin, and Dtek quick started whinging me to change that situation. After a while, we gave in, and wanted to see if it could tell we was being deliberately messy by selecting 1234 as my code. Unfortunately, a app didn’t pull back, and with a further of that one code, my confidence spin went from being “weak” to “excellent.”


BlackBerry has never unequivocally been too fussed with smartphone imaging, with a Passport being a initial of a inclination to even get a double-digit camera sensor. As if to overcompensate, a Priv comes with an 18-megapixel Schneider-Kreuznach-certified imaging sensor. In addition, a organisation is throwing a common gold of facilities that high-end smartphones get in sequence to explain that they can work on equal balance with a DSLR. In this case, that means visual picture stabilization (OIS), phase-detect automobile concentration and a ability to record 4K video during 30fps as good as a software-based live picture filters we’ve already seen in comparison BlackBerry 10 devices. The front-facer, meanwhile, is a garden-variety 2-megapixel event with 720p video constraint and 2x digital wizz that can do breathtaking selfies, should we need it.

BlackBerry Priv camera samples

Paw by a representation images and we should be flattering tender during a peculiarity of cinema this device can produce. we contend “can” given there’s no pledge that a picture that we see cocktail adult on that AMOLED shade is a one you’re going to find when observation it on choice display. In addition, there can be some craziness in a tone between dual shots taken during accurately a same location. Take a demeanour during a final dual shots in this gallery (the shot of a railway lines) and you’ll see a span of images snapped one after a other. Except one has a blueish stain and a other has some-more loyal reproduction.

“Claims of it being means to reinstate your DSLR are, as usual, bull.”

The cinema taken during night (during a quite misty week) are a tiny nosier than I’d prefer, though a tiny tweaking of a on-screen bearing circle can urge that slightly. There’s during slightest a few shots in nearby pitch-darkness (in a woods tighten to my home) that we was awaiting not to come out during all that had some magnitude of fact in them. Overall, while any claims of it being means to reinstate your DSLR are, as usual, bull, it’s not a bad camera to have in your pocket.

Performance and battery life

In new years, BlackBerry immune itself from a spec wars, preferring instead to rest on old-fashioned chipsets to run inside a smartphones. Part of that was given BB10 wasn’t quite resource-hungry and, we know, given it had to cut costs somewhere. By comparison, a Priv has been combined with a “spare no expense” mantra that’s estimable of a illusory creator of Jurassic Park, John Hammond. The device has a 1.8GHz dual-core 64-bit Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 chip interconnected with 3GB RAM and 32GB of built-in storage.

It’s critical to remember that while BlackBerry produces smartphones, it’s never finished a pristine Android device before. As such, a device’s staggeringly discerning real-world opening is estimable of comment, given that it’s constructed it from a station start. Naturally, this is partly due to a sledgehammer that is a chip-and-RAM combo here, though BlackBerry has clearly finished some work behind a scenes as well. we many cite to review a real-world opening of a device, too, given if we went by a benchmarks alone, you’d cruise that a Priv was about as quick as an rural vehicle.

You see, during a time that we was reviewing a BlackBerry Priv, we was also contrast Sony’s Xperia Z5, and had insincere that a latter would substantially mount forward of a former in a genuine world. As such, we did some corresponding loading tests to see that of a span could holder perfectionist apps like Asphalt 8 and Dead Trigger 2 a fastest. As it incited out, both inclination managed to bucket levels within a second of any other — Sony winning a initial heat, a Priv returning a preference in a second, and so forth. It’s an unscientific test, sure, though we can rest positive that this device can mount corresponding with a large boys.

One thing that BlackBerry 10 phones have historically struggled with is call quality, and a firm’s much-hyped Paratek Adaptive aerial record never unequivocally amounted to much. The association claims that a Priv is even some-more call-friendly, given it packs in 11 antennas inside a svelte frame. As such, we had a few long, regretful chats with my associate Engadget editors on Three’s network here in a UK. As distant as they were concerned, my audio was tinny and somehow choked-off, as if a full progression of my debate was being erased from a discuss by a phone’s secondary, sound-canceling microphones.

The Priv ships with a non-removable, 3,410mAh battery, that is some-more sweeping than both a Galaxy Note 5 (3,000mAh) and a S6 Edge (2,600mAh). Despite this large battery, a association customarily rated it for 22 hours of churned use which, to me, felt a tiny suspect. In my knowledge of reviewing BlackBerry phones, we can routinely order that figure in half and get tighten to what it’s going to get in exam conditions. Thankfully here, we was surprised. In a customary outline test, we loop a HD video with liughtness set to 50 percent and a Priv managed to final 12 hours and 23 minutes.

If I’m honest, that astounded me, given it never seemed to be means of durability that enlarged during my day-to-day use. For instance, a day we perceived a handset, we charged it entirely and afterwards began a setup process, that took about an hour. Unfortunately, usually an hour of use managed to eat divided 20 percent of a device’s battery life, so while video playback will do for a generation of many long-haul flights, you’ll onslaught to grasp identical formula day to day.

The competition

At this indicate it’s substantially protected to contend that BlackBerry doesn’t have a lot of competition, given no other vital organisation produces an Android smartphone with a keyboard. The customarily flattering new device that comes tighten to a Priv’s hardware would be a Galaxy S6 Edge interconnected with one of a Korean firm’s bolt-on keyboards.

If you’re looking for a secure Android phone, meanwhile, a customarily other mainstream choice would be a Samsung Knox device — again, heading we behind to a Galaxy S6 Edge (amongst others). The customarily other device that straightforwardly comes to mind is Silent Circle’s BlackPhone 2, that creates identical claims to be means to strengthen your privacy.

Otherwise, a margin of foe is flattering barren, and if you’re usually looking for a earthy keyboard, a customarily other choice is BlackBerry 10 devices. Right now we have a choice of two: a wide-framed Passport or a Classic, both of that come with a firm’s heading frets.


BlackBerry is substantially finished as a phone manufacturer, and John Chen has affianced to shut down a division if it doesn’t spin a distinction by 2016. That’s not going to be possible, not by any error of BlackBerry, though given almost no Android manufacturer seems to be means to spin a decent profit on smartphones these days. As many as it creates clarity that BlackBerry could, or should, have adopted Android 4 years ago, there’s no pledge that it would have enlarged a life many over now anyway.

The BlackBerry Priv, then, is one partial accost Mary and one partial fan service, and that $699 cost tab is going to shock off fair-weather customers. Despite spending this time with a BlackBerry Priv, I’m still not certain if that’s a good thing or not, given there are copiousness of things that we like about it. we like how it looks, how it feels and how well-built it is. The tweaks to Android are essential too, regardless of how we feel about BlackBerry Hub.

But afterwards there’s that somewhat muted keyboard, that isn’t bad, though isn’t as stately as what you’d design from a BlackBerry device. Since a earthy submit resource is a phone’s raison d’etre, certainly a association would have been improved off usually cramming a full-sized one in, somehow? After all, if you’ve left to a difficulty of cleaving a phone in dual and building a, honestly killer, shifting mechanism, improved to go a whole hog, right?

I theory a final exam is to ask myself if we could, with a true face, suggest this to my friends and desired ones. The customarily chairman who we know would like this is a one that scours eBay whenever his Motorola Pro+ breaks, that it does, frequently. The fact that a association in 2015 is creation a flattering decent Android smartphone with a keyboard deserves copiousness of praise, given people do still crave them. we usually can’t suppose anyone who has turn toughened to regulating an on-screen keyboard will cruise dropping 7 hundred large ones to go behind to how it was.

Photography by Chris Velazco

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