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BlackBerry to move new, secure collection and services to iOS and Android

BlackBerry CEO John Chen
Nate Ralph/CNET

BlackBerry offering adult some-more sum on BlackBerry Enterprise Service 12 during an craving eventuality here in San Francisco on Thursday, spelling out a prophesy for BES 12. In a face of declining marketshare and unbending competition, BlackBerry is holding a active approach, and going multiplatform.

BES 12 will support iOS and Android inclination as good as BlackBerry’s possess wares, bringing BlackBerry’s confidence services to competitors platforms. This includes a partnership between BlackBerry and Samsung that will see BlackBerry’s end-to-end encryption services beefing adult Samsung’s Android devices.

BlackBerry also announced a few new services during their event, focused on simplifying a order between corporate and personal devices, and creation partnership a bit easier.

VPN Authentication by BlackBerry

VPN Authentication by BlackBerry
Nate Ralph/CNET

BlackBerry is billing a new VPN Authentication use as “an wholly new approach to bond employees to corporate data.” On a surface, it’s flattering most usually two-factor authentication. In a proof we saw, an worker that attempts to log-in to their VPN network is stirred to endorse their temperament on their phone — a discerning tap, and they’re in. The use will work on iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10 smartphones, supposing a inclination are already managed by a company’s IT dialect with BES 12. BlackBerry says that this resolution is mostly directed during expelling a need to receptacle around pivotal fobs that beget pointless numerical codes.

It all seems really straight-forward, that is mostly a point. We see a elementary tap, yet a folks obliged for handling that corporate network get responsive, evident control over who has VPN access, circumventing a occasional mislaid pivotal fob and a headaches that will cause. It’ll also concede them to fast extend or devaluate access, that could infer accessible if a smartphone is mislaid or differently compromised.

WorkLife by BlackBerry

A display lets we know when you’re in Work or Personal mode.
Nate Ralph/CNET

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies sojourn renouned in a workplace, and while BlackBerry would presumably cite that everybody use their devices, BES 12 is focused on a multiplatform vision. To that end, WorkLife aims to assistance companies keep resources secure while still permitting employees to use a inclination they’re informed with. It’s a arrange of practical SIM card: a use separates personal information on a device from work data, gripping all from files to contacts distinct.

It goes a bit serve than simply environment adult silos, though. Consider phone bills: with WorkLife, your personal and work phone numbers are both routed to a same device. If we make a call to a work contact, or regulating your association line, a association gets a check — a same binds loyal for mobile browsing and data. WorkLife works by permitting we to toggle between work and personal modes with a press of a switch; on a proof we saw, a display on an Android phone clearly showed that mode a phone was in, so we can be certain that your association is automatically billed for any usage. Of march this isn’t singular to BYOD programs; BlackBerry mentioned that companies that released inclination to employees could also concede personal lines to be combined to a corporate device.

BBM Meetings

Share files, presentations or thoughts with BBM Meetings.
Nate Ralph/CNET

BBM Meetings looks a bit like a organisation discuss functionality already accessible in BBM, yet it’s indeed a entirely fledged partnership apparatus that looks rather interesting. It’s an app that’s accessible for iOS, Android and BlackBerry 10 devices, as good as Windows and Mac PCs. It offers a approaching elementary discuss functionality, yet can morph into a Skype-style video assembly during a pull of a button. The chairman who triggers a assembly becomes a horde and is given mediation powers, like a ability to tongue-tied others, or flog people from a room.

Once you’re in a meeting, you’ll be means to share files, share your arrangement with participants so they can see accurately what’s on your screen, and even give presentations. Better still, fasten a BBM Meeting is as elementary as responding your phone: when a assembly you’ve scheduled is about to start, you’ll accept a call that will approach we to a room. we can’t privately suppose perplexing to give a PowerPoint display from a BlackBerry Passport, yet BlackBerry is betting that companies will be peaceful to pay: BBM Meetings are giveaway to join, yet you’ll usually be means to emanate and hosts meetings if we subscribe, during a cost of $12.50( about £7.96 / AU$14.35) a month per host.

Article source: http://www.cnet.com/uk/news/blackberry-offers-new-security-and-collaboration-tools-with-bes-12/

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