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Blindsided: Jets, Bills jerseys tough on colorblind

The NFL’s new “Color Rush” debate introduced an unintended effect Thursday night: Some colorblind viewers were incompetent to heed between a Buffalo Bills’ red uniforms and a New York Jets’ immature uniforms.

Former New York Giants kicker Lawrence Tynes was one of a influenced viewers during a Bills’ 22-17 victory.

According to a National Eye Institute, as many as 8 percent of group and 0.5 percent of women worldwide with Northern European stock are in some approach colorblind. Recent estimates advise that 10 million Americans humour from it.

Red-green colorblindness is a many common. Some NFL fans on Twitter pronounced Jets and Bills players looked immature to them, a perspective exacerbated by a immature territory during MetLife Stadium.

The “Color Rush” debate will cover 4 Thursday night games between now and a finish of a season. Instead of one group wearing a dim jersey and a other white, as a joining traditionally requires, both teams will wear primary colors of their swap third uniform.

Next week, a Tennessee Titans will wear powder blue and a Jacksonville Jaguars will wear full bullion uniforms.

For a Bills’ part, a uniforms were mostly well-received, nonetheless manager Rex Ryan pronounced he during times grew confused about that group was which.

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