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Boston University goalie on NCAA pretension diversion blunder: ‘Our group deserved a lot …

AP Photo/Elise Amendola

AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Boston University goalie Matt O’Connor will expected be replaying one impulse of his team’s NCAA championship loss to Providence College: when he fumbled a puck and incidentally scored on himself.

However, when reporters asked a 23-year-old about a impulse after a game, O’Connor didn’t close down — he answered sincerely, describing a play.

From CBS Boston:

“I looked into my glove and for whatever reason we suspicion it was maybe shifting out. we forsaken to my knees, it held my pad and rolled in. we suspicion maybe I’d chuck it to Jack [Eichel], who was entrance in. It was only a weird, inconclusive bounce.”

O’Connor, who done 39 saves in a game, also pronounced he suspicion a impulse cost his group a title.

“Everyone in this locker room deserves a lot better. They merit to be hoisting a National Championship right now … Sports are tough. Everyone worked tough and what an unimaginable year we had. we suspicion we played well; infrequently we only remove a puck in a lights, or we get a uncanny rebound and things happen. But a group deserved a lot improved … A really weird, inconclusive impulse right there cost us a National Championship.

However, O’Connor’s teammates, including Hobey Baker Award leader Jack Eichel, voiced their support for a goaltender: “Everything we went through, [we went through] as a team,” Eichel said. “It’s tough for us all.”

You have to feel for O’Connor. But a fact that he stepped adult and faced questions — and that his teammates upheld him — is impossibly classy.

(Thanks to CBS Boston for bringing this to a attention.)

Article source: http://ftw.usatoday.com/2015/04/matt-oconnor-boston-university-hockey-ncaa-title-loss-providence

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