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Brand Overload As Punky Pepsi P1s Smartphone Gets Crowdfunding In China

Pepsi Phone P1s Lifestyle shot

At HotHardware, we news on a latest and up-and-coming smartphones all of a time. Some of those are a bit some-more engaging than a others, and among a new stand of inclination we’ve covered, there’s one that really has a bit some-more “pop”: the Pepsi P1. Today, we get acknowledgment that a phone is real, and it even has a second model, called P1s.

Let’s face it: branded products like this mostly ambience flat. But, a P1s is intriguing. It’s attractive, as a photos here can attest, and it boasts some considerable specs for a device that costs a small $110 USD in Chinese markets.

Pepsi Phone P1s

Many of a specs we reported on before are backed-up with this central reveal. The P1s is a 5.5-inch smartphone with 1080p display, and underneath a hood is a 1.7GHz MediaTek SoC with Mali 450-MP4 GPU, 2GB of memory, and 16GB of storage. At a front of a phone is a 5 megapixel camera, while a behind has a beefier 13 megapixel one. If nothing of this “wows” you, note that a phone also includes dual-SIM capabilities and includes a fingerprint reader. Further specs embody LTE support and a vast 3,000mAh battery.

At this point, a phone hasn’t indeed been put into production; that will occur if a crowdfunding idea is met. That idea is 3,000,000 yuan, that is homogeneous to ~468,000 USD. The crowdfunding is holding place by a Chinese website linked-to below, and unfortunately, there is no English interpretation available. This is particularly being targeted during a Chinese market, nonetheless once it becomes a reality, it shouldn’t be that severe to import.

Currently, a phone’s crowdfunding debate is during ~40% of a compulsory goal, so with a deadline of Dec 3, things need to ramp adult to make certain this phone becomes a reality.

Article source: http://hothardware.com/news/brand-overload-as-punky-pepsi-p1s-smartphone-gets-crowdfunding-in-china

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