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Brazil Tries to Stay Confident After Losing Neymar

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Still coping with a detriment of a biggest star, Brazil is perplexing to find ways to sojourn upbeat about a prospects during a World Cup.

The medical helicopter that took Neymar home with a behind damage also carried divided many of a country’s hopes for a sixth universe title, though a contest isn’t over nonetheless and Brazil is only days divided from a formidable semifinal opposite Germany.

“We have to try to be mature in a impulse like this,” Brazil defender David Luiz said. “We are unhappy given we are blank an critical actor and someone who was perplexing to perform his dream of winning this title.”

One of a tournament’s categorical attractions, Neymar had been wilful for Brazil until a harmful damage late in a team’s 2-1 win over Colombia in a quarterfinals on Friday. He was essential on a margin and an essential partial of a organisation perplexing to win a pretension during home. He was seen as a joyous youngster who was dignified and reputable by everyone.

Brazil alloy Jose Luiz Runco pronounced a players were “shocked and saddened” when they listened Neymar would skip a rest of a World Cup.

“It’s unhappy given we know how tough he worked to be here with us,” striker Fred said. “We know how critical he was for us. But we have to demeanour during a organisation and comprehend that it still has a lot of quality.”

Everyone knows it won’t be easy replacing Neymar. Brazil thrived when he played good and struggled when he didn’t live adult to expectations.

“It’s formidable to remove a actor who is so essential to a team,” maestro right behind Maicon said.

It will be adult to manager Luiz Felipe Scolari to find a deputy for a 22-year-old striker and to keep a organisation in row for a sixth universe title.

The team’s other forwards have been struggling given a foe began, and nobody else in a patrol has a characteristics of a Barcelona star.

Instead of regulating haven strikers Bernard or Jo, it’s expected that Scolari will collect one of his midfielders to play in a compare opposite Germany on Tuesday in Belo Horizonte. Willian, Hernanes and Ramires are a many illusive options.

Making matters worse for Scolari is a fact that captain and executive defender Thiago Silva will also be blank given of a yellow label suspension.

“We don’t know who is going to come in, though we know that we have a lot of peculiarity players in a squad,” Silva said. “We are unhappy for Neymar and given I’m not going to play, though we have to be prepared notwithstanding these absences.”

One approach for Brazil to try to stay certain might be to demeanour to a past.

It’s not a initial time Brazil’s inhabitant organisation mislaid a best actor to damage during a World Cup. It happened to Pele and Brazil still won a title.

“I was also harmed during a 1962 World Cup in Chile, and we was out for a rest of a tournament,” Pele said. “But God helped Brazil continue on to win a championship.”

When Pele harm a flesh in a second compare of a contest in Chile, many in Brazil pronounced a chances of a universe pretension had discontinued significantly. But a organisation won a subsequent 4 matches to bind a second uninterrupted trophy.

“I wish a same will occur with a Selecao in this World Cup,” Pele said.

Runco combined that Neymar’s deficiency can work in Brazil’s favor.

“I consider this will assistance make this organisation turn stronger, it will motivate them to strech a final and win a title,” a alloy said. “They will wish to respect this teammate who always helped a team.”


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