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Breakingviews: Exxon investors might charity climate-risk indifference

The company’s proceed to a meridian discuss has already
been in a headlines of late. The Los Angeles Times and others
have minute how Exxon factored into a operations the
financial risks of meridian change unearthed by a possess research,
but kept still about it publicly. Schneiderman’s 18-page
subpoena, that is perfectionist papers dating all a approach back
to 1977, is also good timed: United Nations-sponsored
international meridian talks start in Paris during a finish of the

The review might good widespread over Exxon. Several oil
groups now use inner CO pricing for their assets, brag
about renewable appetite investments and are disclosing more
information about a effects of meridian change on their
business – mostly in response to accordant shareholder demands.
But that has usually happened in new years, withdrawal copiousness of
room for a likes of Schneiderman to explore.

It’s not usually intensity authorised bills that shareholders should
be endangered about, though. The awaiting of meridian change
stranding energy-company resources is apropos some-more real. Companies
and governments around a universe possess 5 times some-more coal, oil
and gas pot than can safely be burnt but exceeding
internationally concluded meridian targets, according to a 2011
study by Carbon Tracker, a consider tank.

If universe leaders ever get critical about rebellious global
warming, these resources will finish adult stranded in a ground, meaning
the usually thing removing burnt will be a billions of dollars
spent to acquire and rise them. The tip 200 oil, gas and
mining companies allocated an estimated $674 billion to finding
reserves and building new descent methods in usually 12 months
from 2012 to 2013, according to Carbon Tracker.

These all seem to be non-issues to many investors, though.
Exxon’s shares slipped usually 1.4 percent after news of a probe
broke on Thursday, usually somewhat some-more than their normal daily
change over a final month. The change in a oil cost remains,
it seems, shareholders’ categorical concern. That might infer to be


- New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman is
investigating either Exxon Mobil misled a open and
shareholders about a risks of meridian change.

- Schneiderman released a summons to a association on Nov.
4, perfectionist financial records, emails and other documents, a
source informed with a matter told Reuters on Nov 5.

- Exxon pronounced it was weighing a response to a subpoena. A
company orator pronounced Exxon had enclosed information about the
business risk of meridian change for many years in corporate
filings, corporate citizenship reports and other communications
with shareholders.

- Exxon shares fell 1.4 percent on Nov. 5 after news of the
probe broke. The company’s batch cost has sundry by an average
of 1.2 percent per trade event over a past 4 weeks.

(The authors are Reuters Breakingviews columnists. The opinions
expressed are their own.)

Article source: http://www.reuters.com/article/2015/11/06/exxon-mobil-climatechange-breakingviews-idUSL1N13127S20151106

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