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Brennan: First Augusta for women, now R&A ups a ante

After 260 years of cultured opposite 51 percent of a population, Scotland’s Royal and Ancient Golf Club motionless Tuesday that it was time to enter a 20th century before too many some-more of a 21st goes by.

After voting in Sep to be means to entice women to join, a Royal and Not-so-Ancient outdid itself by not only mouth-watering one lady to join, or dual or three, yet reportedly adult to 14 – including 7 titular members, some of them utterly famous, and several some-more “ordinary” members who will compensate impost and indeed get some-more privileges.

At this rate, adding 14 women each 260 years, a Royal and Not-so will strech 100 womanlike members by a year 3835.

In all seriousness, this was a useful day in a prolonged and annoying story of a diversion of golf’s absurd diagnosis of women and girls. The private club, that has a membership of 2,400, announced that Hall of Famer Annika Sorenstam, Britain’s Princess Anne and Americans Louise Suggs and Renee Powell were among a 7 women who were given titular memberships.

Suggs, 91, one of a founders of a LPGA Tour, won 11 vital championships. Powell, 68, was a second African-American to play on a LPGA Tour.

Carole Semple Thompson, 66, one of a United States’ biggest pledge champions, was among several others invited to spin a unchanging member of a club, according to Jacksonville.com.

The Royal and Not-so’s proclamation of a new members comes 2½ years after Augusta National Golf Club, America’s many princely march and horde of a Masters, named a initial dual womanlike members, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and South Carolina banker Darla Moore. Last year, IBM arch executive officer Ginni Rometty became a club’s third lady member.

Not that these dual clubs would be rival or anything, yet a Royal and Not-so positively showed a immature jackets a thing or dual about busting lax from decades (or centuries) of taste in a outrageous way. Augusta got there first, that was essential and historic, yet a Royal and Not-so now has non-stop a incongruous floodgates.

Your turn, immature jackets.

For decades, these stately private golf clubs, and others like them, gave no suspicion whatsoever to gripping women and girls on a outward looking in. Gradually, however, as golf began hemorrhaging participants – it was too expensive, too hard, too snob and it took too prolonged to play – a powers that be began to comprehend that their adore of sexism was trumping their adore of capitalism. High-profile male-only clubs were holding adult a large stop pointer that had a chilling outcome on girls’ and women’s appearance when golf indispensable them a most.

For a diversion to grow, this had to stop.

Not everybody has gotten a message. There are still a series of anti-women golf courses around a nation whose members substantially dug in their heels only a bit deeper on conference a news from Scotland. These are private clubs that don’t horde open events, so they positively can do what they want.

Their message, though, is only awful: Because a golf march is where so many business deals get done, members of these clubs are revelation a women and girls in their lives that they have no problem denying them entrance to one of a nation’s many normal corridors of power.

One of these discriminatory clubs is Burning Tree in Bethesda, Md., that depends among a members Speaker of a House John Boehner. It’s not a good feeling when a crusty aged golf march in Scotland shows a U.S. Speaker of a House a thing or dual about women’s rights.

Then again, give him another 260 years and he’ll substantially come around.

Article source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/golf/2015/02/10/royal-and-ancient-golf-club-women-members-augusta-national-christine-brennan/23198611/

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