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British publisher John Cantlie used as ‘Isil reporter’ inside Kobane

Mr Cantlie was kidnapped along with a American photographer James Foley in
Nov 2012 in north-west Syria.

Mr Foley became a initial of 4 of Isil’s captives to be beheaded in
hideous videos melancholy some-more killings if American and Britain did not
call off their atmosphere strikes on Isil.

Mr Cantlie’s latest appearance, in that he delivers in sardonic tones an
comment of a conflict for Kobane during contingency with that of western media, shows
that for a time being during smallest he has been singled out for a different

In an online jihadist magazine, he wrote that a initial set of videos – of
that there were pronounced to be 8 in sum – were filmed fast some weeks

This new video is shot recently. It refers to events that took place in the
final few days, such as a American atmosphere dump of reserve to a Kurds, a
bin of that – Mr Cantlie says dual – fell into Isil’s hands by mistake.

Mr Cantlie’s coming is strikingly different. His hair and brave have grown
out, and seem to have been dyed, given there is no longer any snippet of grey.

His beard has been shaved, in line with a conform adopted by Salafi, or
precisionist Muslims. Isil’s beliefs is Salafi by nature.

It is not transparent either this is a disguise, to forestall him being identified by
locals or by American drones, or to prove that he has converted to Islam,
as some other captives have done.

He calls Kobane “Ayn al-Islam” – changing a town’s Arab name from Ayn
al-Arab, Spring of a Arabs.

He points to a miss of western reporters in a town, and says their
reports on Kurdish successes are formed on information from “Kurdish
commanders and White House press secretaries, conjunction of whom have the
smallest goal to tell a truth”.

He does acknowledge that a atmosphere strikes “which cost half a billion dollars” prevent
Isil regulating a complicated armour such as tanks. But that, he says, has incited the
conflict into a street-by-street instance of civic warfare, that is “something
of a speciality of a muhajeddin”.

week, Mr Cantlie’s father, Paul, died during a age of 80, an interest for his
son’s recover done from his sanatorium bed carrying left unanswered.

Article source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/islamic-state/11191477/British-journalist-John-Cantlie-used-as-Isil-reporter-inside-Kobane.html

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