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Burkina Faso manoeuvre – as it happened

He cursed a manoeuvre “in a strongest probable terms”

“Those obliged for a manoeuvre d’etat and a consequences contingency be reason accountable,” his orator said.


Three people killed

BREAKING: At slightest 3 people have been killed in a violence, a comparison source in a categorical sanatorium told Reuters.


More has come out about a male who has died of his injuries caused by a gunshot during coup-related violence. Agencies news that a 60 harmed were taken into sanatorium for identical reasons.

There are also protests opposite a former French colony. In a second city of Bobo-Dioulasso, shops were sealed and soldiers remained in their barracks, residents said.


BREAKING: Burkina manoeuvre personality tells French TV has no hit with ex-leader Mr Compaore, AFP writes.

“I have had no hit with him, before or after,” pronounced Gen Diendere in response to a doubt on either Mr Compaore was concerned in a coup, adding he had a full support of a army.

“All change of this form can lead to violence. we am unwavering of that … all will be finished to equivocate assault that could thrust a nation into chaos,” Gen Diendere pronounced on France 24 television.


What’s happening?

One chairman has been killed and 60 people have been harm in a manoeuvre violence, according to medics, AFP reports.

Earlier now we reported soldiers dismissed warning shots during a throng in executive Independence Square of a collateral Ouagadougou.

Reuters reporters contend soldiers were pushing down streets violence and detaining protesters.

General Gilbert Diendere, who for 3 decades served as Compaore’s arch infantry confidant and operated an comprehension network travelling West Africa, was named as a conduct of a infantry junta called a National Council for Democracy.


Why has there been a coup?

Paul Melly, associate associate of a Africa Programme during Chatham House, has told a Telegraph’s Colin Freeman that a evident trigger for a manoeuvre might have been a offer progressing this week to disintegrate a aged presidential ensure that was constant to Mr Compaore.

The ensure has remained some-more or reduction total even yet Mr Compaore went into outcast final year, and apparently fears a detriment of their privileges. As members of a aged regime, they are also criminialized from participating in a elections that were due to take place in October.

“This shows how formidable it is to pierce to a durability and satisfactory democracy after we have had an peremptory regime that was in energy for so many years,” pronounced Mr Melly.

“Compaore was in for energy for 27 years, and even yet he won elections in some-more new times, what has happened now shows how formidable it is for democracy to take place after that kind of rule. It leaves a lot of people from a aged regime who fear for their positions and prospects if democracy takes hold, and that seems to be what is going on here.”

Is a ensure operative with Compaore’s blessing?

Mr Melly pronounced it was misleading during benefaction either a presidential ensure was behaving with Mr Compaore’s blessing, or was behaving wholly independently. But he pronounced anyone who attempted to mishandle democracy in a nation would come underneath outrageous informal pressure.

“Quite detached from inner protests opposite a coup, that seem to have joined many of Burkina Faso’s politicians, scarcely all Burkina Faso’s neighbours in West Africa these days are democracies now and are sealed adult to simple approved principles. The segment is totally opposite to how it was in a 1970s or 1980s, when strongmen could some-more or reduction do as they liked.

“Burkina Faso is also landlocked and really contingent on a neighbours. Those neighbours could even levy banking restrictions as Burkina Faso is partial of a CFA banking region. If a soldiers try to hang onto energy it could get really formidable for them.”


Hollande: No reason to meddle

French boss Francois Hollande has pronounced he sees “no reason” since a nation would meddle in a manoeuvre notwithstanding his condemnation.

There are now 220 French infantry in a collateral Ouagadougou as partial of a informal force fighting extremists in west Africa.

“France has accessible family with Burkina Faso and we can't only concede what is function today,” he added.

“[We] have no reason to intervene,” he pronounced as France told a nationals to sojourn during home.


Why a coup? Serious pre-election confidence conditions

The halt boss and primary apportion arrested are in good health and will be released, General Gilbert Diendere told French magazine, Jeune Afrique weekly.

The ubiquitous told a repository a manoeuvre was launched since of a country’s critical “pre-election confidence situation”. Elections were due to be reason subsequent month.


This infantry manoeuvre comes roughly a year after a renouned overthrow in Burkina Faso suspended a prolonged tenure president, Blaise Compaore, writes Colin Freeman, Chief Foreign Correspondent.

Colin Freeman But a country’s still lives in a shade of a former leader, who was an doubtful brew of domestic strongman, informal trouble-stirrer and occasional tactful Mr Fixit.

Mr Compaore was aged only 36 when he took energy in Burkina Faso, a landlocked French cluster formerly famous as Upper Volta, and whose benefaction pretension translates roughly as “Nation of Incorruptibles”.

He allegedly perceived training in a 1980s during a late Col Muammar Gaddafi’s “World Revolutionary Centre”, a propagandize once described as a “Harvard and Yale of a whole era of African revolutionaries.” Among his associate students were a Liberian warlords Charles Taylor, now portion 50 years in a British jail for quarrel crimes, and Taylor’s late fan Foday Sankoh, who led Sierra Leone’s scandalous Revolutionary United Front.

A male runs after conference gunfire in Ouagadougou, Burkina FasoA male runs after conference gunfire in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso  Photo: AP

In 2000, Mr Compaore was indicted by a British diplomat, Stephen Pattison, of promulgation mercenaries to quarrel alongside rebels in Sierra Leone opposite United Nations peacekeepers, in sell for diamonds. Two years later, he was indicted of appropriation rebels in a northern Ivory Coast.

He always denied a claims, however, and in some-more new years, managed to re-invent himself as a informal mediator, behaving as a attorney in a assent talks during a dispute in Mali in 2012-13, where a north of a nation was overshoot by Ansar Dine, a Tuareg insurgent transformation quickly associated with al-Qaeda in a Islamic Maghreb (AQIM).

Ansar Dine member were invited for assent talks in a Burkinabe capital, Ougadougou, while Mr Compaore also offering his services in negotiations to giveaway several Europeans reason warrant by AQIM.

While his repute as a go-between might not be that of Nelson Mandela or Kofi Annan, he valid as good as his word, despatching attach� to expostulate hundreds of miles opposite a Sahara’s many remote and riotous stretches to reason talks with kidnap gangs on several occasions.

While there was mostly conjecture that a restrained releases or vast recover eventually cemented a deals, a attach� could simply have been killed or kidnapped himself had Mr Compaore’s contacts with AQIM been anything reduction than solid.

A male on a motorcycle looks during Burkina Faso soldiers hire ensure nearby Nation Square in OuagadougouA male on a motorcycle looks during Burkina Faso soldiers hire ensure nearby Nation Square in Ouagadougou  Photo: AFP/Getty Images


Who is Blaise Compaore?

Blaise Compaore, a former president, had wanted extend his 27-year order final year as he was entrance to a finish of his second five-year term.

Despite inherent boundary introduced in 2005, a country’s legislature was going to consider a due amendment that would concede Mr Compaore to run for re-election in a following month.

He would have been in energy for another 5 years though a antithesis feared that it would meant that he stayed in energy for longer seeking re-election some-more than once.

The former boss was 36 when he seized energy in a 1987 manoeuvre after Thomas Sankara, his former friend, was private from energy and assassinated.

A chairman binds dual bullet casings that were dismissed in Ouagadougou, Burkina FasoA chairman binds dual bullet casings that were dismissed in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso  Photo: AP

On Oct 31, he quiescent as boss and fled to Cote d’Ivoire with his family. Amnesty’s news from Jan this year says a family afterwards went to Morocco before returning to Cote d’Ivoire in mid-December final year.


General Gilbert Diendere, Mr Compaore’s former chief-of-staff, has been allocated conduct of a new statute management set adult now after a country’s presidential ensure announced a coup, AFP reports.

He will lead a National Council for Democracy, it pronounced in a statement.

A curfew is in place opposite a nation from 7pm (8pm BST) until 6am tomorrow and land and atmosphere borders have been closed.

General Gilbert Diendere, a one-time absolute help to deposed Burkina Faso boss Blaise Compaore, was allocated conduct of a new statute management set adult on Sep 17General Gilbert Diendere, a one-time absolute help to deposed Burkina Faso boss Blaise Compaore, was allocated conduct of a new statute management set adult on Sep 17  Photo: AFP/Getty Images


Francois Hollande, a French president, has cursed a manoeuvre and called for a evident recover of those arrested.

“The boss resolutely condemns a manoeuvre d’Etat that has taken place in Burkina Faso,” a French presidency pronounced in a statement.

“He calls for a evident recover of all people arrested, a reinstatement of transitory authorities and a resumption of a electoral process.”


Hello and acquire to a Telegraph’s live coverage of Burkino Faso and a coup. The infantry in Burkina Faso has taken to a airwaves to announce it now controls a country, confirming that a manoeuvre has taken place only weeks before inhabitant elections.

In a proclamation aired early on Thursday on inhabitant radio and radio, a matter pronounced that a transitional government had been dissolved.

The matter came a day after members of a chosen presidential ensure section of a infantry arrested a transitory boss and primary minister.

What’s happened now so far?

Soldiers in a capital, Ouagadougou, dismissed warning shots to sunder a throng of protesters collected in Independence Square, a Reuters declare said.

Sporadic gunfire continued to ring out from other areas of a capital.

Burkina Faso was due to reason elections on Oct 11 that many hoped would strengthen democracy. The transitory supervision came to energy after a boss of 27 years, Blaise Compaore, was suspended late final year in a public uprising.

People denote nearby a presidential house after soldiers arrested Burkina Fasoís transitory presidentPeople denote nearby a presidential house after soldiers arrested a transitory boss in Burkina Faso  Photo: AP

In a radio address, Lieutenant-Colonel Mamadou Bamba announced a new “National Democratic Council” had put an finish “to a deviant regime of transition” in a west African state and Burkina’s halt boss had been nude of his powers.

“The National Transition Council has been… dissolved… Wide-ranging talks are being reason to form a government… to lead to thorough and pacific elections,” he added.

Interim council orator Cheriff Sy told a French radio hire RFI that what was function was “clearly a coup” and called on a people to “immediately arise up” in response.

Interim President of Burkina Faso Michel Kafando (R) and Prime Minister Lt. Col. Isaac ZidaInterim President of Burkina Faso Michel Kafando (R) and Prime Minister Lt. Col. Isaac Zida  Photo: Reuters

On Wednesday, members of a presidential ensure who are constant to Compaore detonate into a cupboard assembly and seized president Michel Kafando, Isaac Zida, a primary minister, and dual ministers.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon and a EU have cursed a leaders’ apprehension and called for their evident release.

Compaore was defeated in Oct 2014 and fled into outcast in Ivory Coast after an overthrow triggered by his try to extend his 27-year rule.

Article source: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/africaandindianocean/burkinafaso/11870962/Burkina-Faso-coup-military-says-it-now-controls-country-after-arresting-leaders-live.html

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