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Car caring tips for holiday travel

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Monday, Jun 30, 2014 | 8:41 p.m.

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Atlanta Bargain Hunter

Posted: 12:00 p.m. Monday, Jun 30, 2014


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By Nedra Rhone

Friday is Jul 4th and roughly 35 million Americans will strike a highway, roving during slightest 50 miles from their homes, according to AAA automobile club. That is a tip series of highway travelers given 2007.

Independence Day transport will run from Wed., Jul 2 to Sun., Jul 6. Much of a speak about holiday transport has focused on gas prices that are during a tip spin of any Jul 4th weekend given 2008. High gas prices are not expected to revoke holiday travel, though we canreduce your fuel expenditure with these 5 habits.

Before we strike a road, we will also wish to get your automobile prepared for a highway. Pam Oakes, automobile technician, emporium owners and author of “Car Care for a Clueless,” suggests holding your automobile to an ASE approved technician for a discerning check of a following: 

  1. Oil: If you’ll be doing lots of driving, get your oil changed. Be certain we know what formula and weight your automobile takes in box we have problems on a road. Have a technician write a information down for we and store it in your automobile manual.
  2. Antifreeze/coolant: This keeps a engine cold and keeps it from solidified over in a winter. While a liquid has zero to do with your A/C, if your automobile overheats a A/C won’t work.
  3. Windshield wiper blades: Make certain we purify your blades before we transport or have them transposed if necessary. To purify them yourself, use a cleaner like 409 and paper towels.
  4. Transmission fluid, energy steering liquid and stop fluid: Be certain a technician checks any of these fluids. Also have a condition of a stop pads on a front and behind of a automobile checked. If you’ve had any issues with a brakes, be certain to ask about it.
  5. Battery: Have your automobile battery checked to be certain it is in tip operative condition and have any battery poison excess cleaned.
  6. Tire conditions: Get your tires checked for wear before we leave and check a tire pressure. While you’re on a road, get in a robe of checking your tires when we stop to siphon gas. Turn your wheels divided from siphon and demeanour during a tread, Oakes says. If it looks funny, have it checked out immediately. Also keep lane of your tire pressure. The correct vigour can be found on a driver’s side doorway jamb sticker.
  7. Lights: Before we leave, lift a automobile in your drive during eve and check your spin signals, mangle lights, parking lights, headlights and horn to make certain all are in operative order.
  8. Assemble an puncture pack in your automobile with a following items:
  • Snacks
  • Paper towels
  • First assist pack with bug mist included.
  • Painter’s tarp. If we get held in a sleet with damaged windows, we can cover your car.
  • Duct fasten for mixed uses including tiny repairs after a buffer bender.
  • Tire puncture sealer to assistance we keep rolling if we run over a nail. It will get we from indicate A to indicate B, only let a tech know we used it before they correct your tire.
  • A gangling automobile pivotal in a hide-a-key enclosure underneath a automobile can be a lifesaver when you’ve sealed your keys in a car.
  • LED roadside flares.
  • Dryer sheets. Use these with H2O to get bugs off of your automobile and lengthen a life of your paint.

Nedra Rhone

About Nedra Rhone

Nedra Rhone finds and shares tips on money, deals and consumer issues in metro Atlanta for a AJC.

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