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Car Check, a Windows Phone app for monitoring your automotive expenses

Car Check

Car Check is a nifty Windows Phone app that lets we lane and conduct your automotive expenses. Car Check has a ability to lane your gasoline costs, upkeep costs, set reminders for scheduled upkeep and behind all a information adult to your OneDrive or Dropbox accounts.

The Windows Phone app also has a ability to draft your fuel consumption, placement of automotive costs and fuel prices. Add Live Tile support and Car Check isn’t a bad choice to cruise to assistance we guard your automotive costs.

Simple Layout

Car Check’s blueprint isn’t overly difficult with a categorical page full of maritime tiles that cover your vehicles, a dashboard for examining data, App Settings, Live Tile settings, entrance to a app’s Facebook page, entrance to a assistance territory and rate/review a app in a Windows Phone Store.

Car Check Main Page, Settings and Help

Car Check’s settings cover a basis such as units of measurement, outline periods, branch on/off upkeep reminders and storage/back-up options (phone, Dropbox or OneDrive). Live Tile options embody customizing a name of a Tile and a Live Tile’s end (Main Menu, Vehicles list, a app’s dashboard or a specific vehicle).

Your initial sequence of business is to supplement a vehicle to a database. Basic vehicle entrance includes fixing your vehicle, selecting your section of measurement, adding a print of your vehicle (otherwise, you’ll have an vehicle icon). You can opt to supplement additional information such as registration number, horsepower, delivery type, fuel type, cylinder ability and VIN number.

Car Check Vehicle Creation

Once we have your vehicle entered, an additional navigation tile will seem on a categorical page for that automobile. Tapping that tile will send we to a tiny collection of information pages where we can enter all your vehicle data.

Fuel, Costs and Maintenance

Car Check’s pages for particular automobiles embody a Dashboard that summarizes your monthly and annual statistics, a Fuel Page that breaks down your fuel expenses, a Costs Page that will draft losses and a Maintenance page where we can lane scheduled maintenance.

Your Dashboard Page will arrangement monthly and annual stats that embody miles traveled, apportion of gas, gas costs, other costs and sum costs. It also displays, for a twelve-month average, your gallons per 100 miles, cost per mile and cost per gallon of gasoline.

Car Check Vehicle Data

Along a bottom of a Fuel, Cost and Maintenance Pages we will find 3 control buttons that will let we supplement an entry, revise an entrance or undo an entry. Additionally, adult underneath a three-dot menu on a Maintenance Page we have a choice to symbol a upkeep entrance as done. Data entrance is finished with clear-cut, fill in a vacant styled forms.

Overall Impressions

Car Check isn’t a bad small app for gripping lane of your automotive expenses. The blueprint is elementary and entering all a information is straightforward. My usually nit is that a app doesn’t calculate your miles per gallon. Then again, a app’s concentration is on tracking your automobile’s losses not opening so we can’t protest too much.

I do like a upkeep reminders and a mangle down on cost per mile but, we wouldn’t mind saying a miles per gallon stat. Nonetheless, if we are looking to keep a closer eye on a cost of handling your automobile, Car Check competence be value a try.

The hearing chronicle of Car Check is entirely organic though will usually lane information for one automobile. If we need to lane a cost of some-more than one automobile, you’ll need to hack adult and buy a full version.

  • Car Check – Windows Phone 8 and 7.x – Trial / $2.49 – Store Link

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