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Cars.com Named Top Review Site in Digital Air Strike’s 2015 Automotive Social …

CHICAGO, Nov. 5, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — For a third year in a row, Cars.com, a TEGNA Inc. company, has been named a tip examination site used by automobile buyers looking for dealerships online. Digital Air Strike, a automotive amicable media and digital rendezvous company, expelled a ranking as partial of a fifth annual Automotive Social Media Trends Study, that highlights consumer function on amicable networks, examination sites and mobile inclination associated to a automobile shopping, offered and use experience.

“We’re unapproachable to say a position as a tip automotive examination site,” pronounced Alex Vetter, boss and arch executive officer of Cars.com. “Consumers rest on Cars.com’s 1 million and reviews to beam them in one of life’s biggest purchases. And, with a new use and correct features, automobile owners are increasingly pity their honest feedback about use providers and experiences.”

Gracia Martore, boss and arch executive officer of TEGNA, continued, “One of Cars.com’s biggest resources is a trusted, eccentric voice. This approval serve proves a significance of online repute in a digital age and I’m unapproachable that Cars.com is means to offer a consumers and play business a height to promulgate and connect.”

“We are gratified that consumers continue to value a reviews on Cars.com,” pronounced Alexi Venneri, co-founder and arch executive officer of Digital Air Strike. “This year’s Study reveals that consumers are some-more intent than ever before in terms of regulating reviews as a primary apparatus to name a dealership with over 52 percent of automobile buyers ranking Cars.com as a many useful site, even some-more critical than a dealership’s possess website.”

In 2011, Cars.com denounced a Dealer Reviews feature, that was a groundbreaking miracle within a automotive category. Today, online reviews are an constituent partial of a automobile offered experience.

This year, to serve strengthen their partnership with consumers via each proviso of a automobile tenure cycle, a association denounced new facilities to assistance take a guesswork out of offered for automobile use and repair. The rollout enclosed a introduction of service-based play reviews, a pivotal member of consumers’ care process. Now, some-more than 40 percent of all reviews on Cars.com are for play use departments.

The Automotive Social Media Trends Study serves as a fifth of a kind constructed by Digital Air Strike, and includes commentary from 2,000 automobile buyers and 2,000 use business who possibly purchased or serviced a automobile within a prior 6 months. The investigate — with information collected in a past 45 days — covers all vital U.S. geographic regions and represents domestic and unfamiliar automotive brands, with even placement opposite age and gender groups.

To write a examination of their dealership experience, consumers can revisit Cars.com/DealerReviews.

Launched in 1998, Cars.com, a TEGNA Inc. (NYSE: TGNA) company, is an award-recognized online end for automobile shoppers and owners that offers information from experts and consumers to assistance research, cost and find new and used cars, as good as information around use and correct for automobile owners. With some-more than 31 million monthly visits to a web properties, Cars.com offers millions of new and used automobile listings, consultant and consumer reviews, corresponding comparison, build and cost tools, unprejudiced editorial calm and most more. In 2015, Cars.com introduced a new use and correct underline to assistance consumers find a right use provider and know how most to compensate with a fair-price estimator tool. Cars.com puts millions of automobile buyers, and now owners, in control of their offered routine with a information they need to make stress-free buying, offered and servicing decisions.


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