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Catch a Rising Tide of US Travel Jobs, Exports

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Whatever your imagination — toes in sand, skis in uninformed powder, or your golf round in a center of a fairway (we hope) — your transport skeleton support millions of jobs via a United States.

We have a information to infer it: New information from a Department of Commerce uncover a transport and tourism attention upheld 7.6 million jobs in 2013, adult 146,000 jobs from 2012.

The information also uncover that spending on transport and tourism-related products and services totaled $1.5 trillion in 2013, a 4.1 percent boost from 2012.

This means that as we transport in a United States while holding time to unwind, we are ancillary jobs and mercantile expansion around a nation — so even while we sleep, we are assisting to grow a economy and emanate jobs!

Exports also play a vital purpose in a U.S. transport and tourism industry.

When general travelers revisit a United States, they inject billions and billions of dollars into a U.S. economy. So when they book hotel rooms, lease cars, or haven tee times, that depends as an trade even yet no products or services leave a United States (unless they move home a new digital camera or set of golf clubs).

70 million general visitors spent $214.8 billion in a U.S.

And transport and tourism is a vital trade attention for a nation — in fact, it’s a largest U.S. services export. A record 70 million general visitors came to a United States in 2013, spending a record $214.8 billion. That’s about $590 million contributed to a U.S. economy per day!

It is no collision that we are saying this growth. The National Travel and Tourism Strategy launched in 2012 lays out a devise to inspire even some-more general visitors to come to a United States, environment a idea of welcoming 100 million visitors per year by 2021.

This plan is creation a United States even some-more appealing as a transport end by operative opposite supervision and with a private zone to:

  • Promote a United States as never before
  • Reduce wait times for visa applications and a entrance routine during U.S. airports
  • Provide a world-class knowledge during a pleasing open monuments, lands, and waterways

We demeanour brazen to saying these numbers continue to grow, and we wish to see some-more of we checking in during new U.S. destinations to check out all a United States has to offer!

Isabel Hill is a Director of a International Trade Administration’s National Travel and Tourism Office.

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Article source: http://www.whitehouse.gov/blog/2014/08/15/catch-rising-tide-us-travel-jobs-exports

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