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Charles Barkley blasts Derrick Rose’s ‘stupid’ damage comments

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On Thursday night’s Inside a NBA, Charles Barkley ripped Derrick Rose for a oft-injured guard’s new comments about how his personification decisions are formed on long-term thoughts about his health, rather than a group that pays him tens of millions of dollars.

Here’s what Rose told reporters this week:

“I’m meditative about prolonged term. I’m meditative about after I’m finished with basketball. Having graduations to go to, carrying meetings to go to, we don’t wish to be in my meetings all bruise or be during my son’s graduation all bruise only since of something we did in a past. [I'm] only training and being smart.”

Rose was unapologetic when TNT’s Rachel Nichols asked about him a quotes, that led Barkley into one of his patented, keeping-it-real diatribes. “Do we take emanate with what he said,” Ernie Johnson opposite Barkley.

“Of march we do. That was stupid. Derrick Rose is a good player, he’s a good kid. Love his mom. That was stupid. You know, Ernie, we’re so blessed. we baggy around though we go home to a large ol’ mansion. There’s people who work harder than Derrick Rose who go home to a shack.

“There are consequences to what we do for a living. We got a best life in a world. I’m a bad black child from Leeds, Alabama who grew adult in a projects and listen, we don’t mind limping around since when we go home, there’s a large ol’ house. we got good sheets — we don’t know a thread count, though they’re good. we got a large ol’ car. we never have to worry about my bills. There are pros and cons to what we do for a living. Derrick Rose is creation $20 million a year. He got a integrate bad knees. That’s unpleasant to maids, people who are in a army who go out and kill people and get killed. They got no arms and no legs. As most as we like Derrick Rose, that is only flat-out stupid.”

Dennis Wierzbicki / USA Today Sports

Dennis Wierzbicki / USA Today Sports

Shaq and Kenny Smith attempted to urge Rose by explaining how he should have phrased his comments. (He should have pronounced he was doing this to assistance the team win a championship and extend his career, was one suggestion.) But that’s not what Rose said. He pronounced he didn’t wish to be bruise during meetings and wanted to be healthy for his son’s high propagandize graduation. Again, those are noble, reasonable goals. But they don’t taunt with Rose’s other idea of being a good basketball actor who leads his group to a championship. It’s like if Neil Armstrong pronounced he wanted to be a initial male on a moon, only but the risk of removing there.

If we wish to stay healthy, retire. If we wish to get paid to play basketball, afterwards do it but complaint.

(USA TODAY Sports Images)

(USA TODAY Sports Images)

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