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Checklist for Cleveland Cavaliers During Season’s Home Stretch

When a Cavaliers began a deteriorate 5-7, there wasn’t a whole lot of panic.

After all, this was a organisation with usually 5 returning members. Emphasis was put on training Blatt’s complement while adjusting to one another. Chemistry, and wins, would come later.

When Cleveland was 19-20, however, a routine didn’t seem to be working.

Any excuses involving time or chemistry were descending on deaf ears. This was a group with too most talent, too many stars not to be winning. Forget a journey, everybody was fervent for a destination.

When teams worry about a final result, instead of all a stairs it takes to get there, play suffers.

Now after winning 16 of their prior 18 games, a Cavs can means to relax a small bit. Not on a court, though rather mentally and emotionally. Guys don’t have to worry about any particular diversion result, and can instead only concentration on their play.

“Right now, we can ask each male to a man, we’re not focused on a result,” brazen James Jones told ESPN’s Dave McMenamin following a Feb. 22 win over a New York Knicks. “We’re focused on a process. We’re going into each diversion observant that if we govern a defense, if we extent a turnovers, if we govern a diversion devise that manager [Blatt] puts in front of us during a high clip, we’ll play good basketball.”

Thanks to guileless a complement put in place and vouchsafing guys do what they do best, a Cavaliers have been personification very good basketball.

They’ll need to keep on this same trail during a widen run, and beyond.


Greg Swartz has lonesome a Cleveland Cavaliers for Bleacher Report given 2010.

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