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China’s LeTV Looks to Make Inroads in Automotive

China’s LeTV aims to use a new website LeMall.com to broach U.S. consumers to a cornucopia of electronic inclination designed to broach cloud-based content.

The website is populated with photos of LeTV’s televisions and Bluetooth headphones and speakers. Mobile phones are on a approach as well.

But there is one object we won’t find on a site: a car.

“Right now, there are no skeleton to furnish (our possess car),” Eric Mika, comparison clamp president-open eco vital alliances and partners, tells WardsAuto.

LeTV wants to be a large actor in a automotive world, though it aims primarily to be a top-tier retailer of cloud connectivity and content. Eventually, it wants to work with partners to rise electric and unconstrained vehicles, as well.

“We demeanour during a vehicle as a platform,” says Mika. “For us, (going into a automotive space) was a healthy progression.”

The “SEE Plan” is LeTV’s name for a automotive strategy. Headed by Lei Ding, a former tip executive during Shanghai General Motors, a SEE Plan aims to “build an open automotive ecosystem for energy-efficient, intelligent and connected vehicles,” according to LeTV’s website.

LeTV now is operative with dual automakers. One is Faraday Future, a new association saved partly by LeTV owner and CEO Yueting Jia. At a new CES 2016 muster in Las Vegas, Faraday introduced an electric judgment car, a FFZero1 that uses LeTV’s connected-car platform.

Aston Martin also is operative with LeTV. At CES, a companies introduced a Rapide S, a gasoline-powered Aston Martin regulating LeTV’s connected vehicle system.

The Rapide S has a 13.3-in. (34-cm) high-definition touchscreen core console and 12.2-in. (31-cm) instrument row with electronic orchestration and gauges, both designed by LeTV’s Internet of Vehicles team.

The dual companies sealed a chit of bargain in Dec that encompasses investigate projects trimming from connected-car technologies to prolongation conference on new electric cars of a future, Aston Martin CEO Andy Palmer tells WardsAuto.

LeTV hopes a Aston Martin agreement will be a initial of many.

“We are looking to precedence a record we do for Aston Martin in other cars,” Mika says.

Whether that means a dual will furnish a vehicle together is uncertain, however.

“This is an exegetic investigate study, so by a really inlet it is conceptual,” Palmer says. “Accordingly it is too early to assume on if or when this could make it into prolongation cars.”

Article source: http://wardsauto.com/technology/china-s-letv-looks-make-inroads-automotive

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