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Chinese Smartphone Maker Opening US E-Commerce Site

Emerging Chinese smartphone builder Xiaomi has announced it will be opening a online store, Mi.com, in a United States, according to Bloomberg.

The one catch? No smartphones will be sold.

The store will be opening in a U.S., as good as a few other markets in a subsequent few months, yet a association did not mention that countries it will be handling in outward of America. While no smartphones will be sole in a U.S., it will be offered other products like health bands, energy chargers, and headphones.

“[Xiaomi] can move these products to marketplace most faster since they are easier to take to market,” Hugo Barra, Xiaomi’s clamp boss of international, pronounced during a news discussion on Feb. 12. “We intend to launch it here in a U.S. and maybe a few other markets and see how it goes. Hopefully it will be a commencement of unequivocally carrying America knowledge a Xiaomi code and peculiarity and craftsmanship of a products.”

According to Bloomberg, Xiaomi is famous as a heading smartphone seller in China during a moment, heading both Apple and Samsung in that market. The association sole 61 million handsets final year, including 17.1 million shipments in Q4 2014, a 227.3 percent boost by 2014 according to ABI Research. After a fundraising turn final year, a association is valued during over $45 billion, braggadocio some-more than 100 million online users worldwide. Despite these clever numbers though, a association has pronounced that it has no skeleton to state an initial open charity “in a foreseeable future.” Xiaomi had flirted with a intensity investment from Facebook during a $1.1 billion fundraising turn in July, though a understanding didn’t materialize.

Article source: http://www.pymnts.com/news/2015/chinese-smartphone-maker-opening-u-s-e-commerce-site/

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