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Chris Pratt Makes Good on Super Bowl Bet Against Chris Evans, Visits Kids as …

Chris Pratt, Chris EvansFacebook

Chris Pratt is a man of his word!

The Guardians of the Galaxy star lost his Super Bowl XLIX bet to Chris Evans when his team, the Seattle Seahawks, fell to Captain America’s preferred New England Patriots. So on Friday, Pratt put on his Star-Lord costume and paid a visit to Evans’ chosen charity, Christopher’s Haven in Boston, and as previously agreed upon, he wore a Tom Brady #12 jersey!

Evans came along, too, and according to Joyce Duvall, a media relations spokeswoman for Christopher’s Haven (which provides homes and support to kids fighting cancer and their families), both action stars were a major hit!

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Chris Pratt, Chris EvansFacebook

“There were here for about two-and-a-half hours,” she told E! News. “The kids were so excited. Both of the Chrises [Evans and Pratt] really played with the kids. There was no media here at all—it was just about the kids.”

“All of the little kids had Captain America shields,” she said, “[and] Chris Evans was egging them on to fight Chris Pratt!”

Of course, Pratt put on a Pats jersey—that was the bet! Both guys “took endless pictures with the kids and [gave] autographs,” said Duvall. “Disney sent lots of toys over, too.”

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Chris Pratt, Chris EvansFacebook

Pratt didn’t like his team losing, but he did enjoy following through with this part of it. He posted pictures to Facebook of himself “[making] good on that #twitterbowl bet,” adding, “Starlord is (p)roud to be in Boston today at #Christopher’s Haven with Chris Evans and some awesome families.”

Chris Pratt, Chris EvansFacebook

But because both fellas are such good guys, that’s not where this story ends. Evans will be paying a visit to Seattle Children’s Hospital, too. Oh, and the actors’ #Twitterbowl 2015 challenge?! It’s raised $12,000 for Christopher’s Haven and $15,000 for the Seattle Children’s Hospital.

These two are real-life superheroes!

—Reporting by Ruth O’Neill

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