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Chromecast (2015) review: A remaining ascent to a high-caliber product

The second-generation Chromecast competence be a many nonessential hardware that Google has ever released, though that doesn’t meant it’s bad product.

With Chromecast, a hardware never mattered much. Unlike media streamers from Roku, Amazon, and Apple, a Chromecast doesn’t come with a remote control. Instead, we use your phone, tablet, or computer’s Chrome browser as a remote. When you’re prepared to watch TV, we open a upheld app such as Netflix or Hulu, strike a large “Cast” button, name a video, and watch as it starts streaming on a radio a few seconds later.

By relocating a whole browsing knowledge to a device in your container (or on your lap), Chromecast is unburdened by complicated computational and storage requirements, not to discuss a cost of a remote. And whenever we buy a new phone or tablet, a Chromecast knowledge automatically gets smoother and faster. This singular setup—and ever-expanding app support—has authorised Chromecast to get improved with age.


Tap a Cast symbol in apps like YouTube, and video appears on a TV.

All of that is a extensively approach of observant that a marketplace wasn’t great out for a deputy for a first-generation Chromecast. Despite being dual years old, it’s still a quick and inexpensive approach to watch Internet videos on your television. The new model, still $35, is usually a teeny bit some-more effective.

Streaming in a round

The new Chromecast does demeanour conflicting from a 2013 version, that was somewhat incomparable than a USB hang and plugged directly into a television’s HDMI slot. The 2015 chronicle is some-more like a cosmetic puck, with a 4-inch HDMI wire on one end. It’s designed to hook openly divided from a TV, so as not to retard any circuitously ports. (The aged Chromecast shipped with a brief HDMI prolongation wire to lessen this problem.)

chromecastnewold2Jared Newman

The new Chromecast hangs divided from a TV, while a aged one can retard adjacent HDMI ports.

A micro-USB pier on a conflicting side of a new Chromecast connects to a enclosed energy wire to possibly an AC adapter or a television’s powered USB port. With an AC adapter, a Chromecast can automatically spin on your radio and switch to a scold submit when we start Casting a video. Some televisions concede this by a USB port, too, though usually if a pier provides energy even while a TV is off. (In possibly case, you’ll need a TV that supports HDMI-CEC, that we competence need to capacitate in your TV’s settings.)

The new Chromecast’s round pattern also allows for a new receiver structure, that supports a latest 802.11ac Wi-Fi standard. If we have a router that supports both a 2.4- and 5GHz magnitude bands, a new Chromecast can bond to possibly one (the latter is reduction swarming in many homes, though we competence get improved operation with a former).

Those receiver improvements, along with an upgraded (but still low-power) processor, concede a new Chromecast to bucket videos faster than a predecessor. we tested this by rising videos in a few conflicting apps—HBO Go, Netflix, and YouTube—and timing a check before video began. In all cases, a new Chromecast was during slightest a integrate of seconds faster. (Nvidia’s Shield Android TV, that has a same Cast capabilities, was faster than both Chromecasts in my experience.)

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