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Chronos turns any classical watch into a smartwatch

It might be prolonged before a smartwatch attention is saturated. It only started final year though 2015 has already proven to be a large year for this wearable category. More device makers and startups are entering a diversion with their possess versions in opposite shapes, sizes, and materials. We’ve shifted from rectilinear to turn smartwatches and from massive ones to slim and neat types. Most run Android Wear height while some are powered by brand-specific tradition wearable OS like a Tizen.

Another code entering a marketplace is Chronos. This tech startup from San Francisco aims to broach record to a watch industry. The thought is to renovate any classical watch into a smartwatch so we can use it as a aptness tracker or accept notifications. The Chronos is a tiny front that can be simply trustworthy to a watch to supplement a digital features.

The Chronos isn’t a totally new smartwatch though it can make any watch “smart”. It won’t try to make your watch into a super smartwatch as facilities are limited. You can use it to arrangement notifications with a quivering options and multi-color lights. This means we will have to count on quivering and lights to tell we if there is an incoming summary or call. You can even set notifications for apps we need to be told of.

Pre-orders are now open for a $99 Chronos. It’s a ignored cost before it hits a $129 sell price. A Chronos Double Pack is $189. If we wish it to come with a genuine watch from Elliot Havok or COURG, get a Chronos + watch gold for $169 and $389, respectively.

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