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Clinton gaffe: Former secretary of State confuses Britain’s domestic parties


April 23, 2014: Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton speaks during a University of Connecticut in Storrs, Conn.AP

Another interview, another gaffe for Hillary Clinton. 

The former secretary of State, who’s been heavily compelling her new book “Hard Choices” in a expected predecessor to using for boss in 2016, seemed to state a Conservative and Tory Parties in Britain were opposition domestic parties during a BBC interview. 

“Tory” is in fact another name for a Conservative Party in Britain. 

Asked by a horde what she suspicion of a “Special Relationship” between a U.S. and Great Britain, Clinton announced it was “very special between a countries.” 

“There’s not only a common language, though a common set of values that we can tumble behind on,” she said. “It doesn’t matter in a nation either it’s a Republican or a Democrat or frankly, in your country, either it’s a Conservative or a Tory. There is a turn of trust and understanding. That doesn’t meant we always determine because, of course, we don’t.” 

Clinton also has spoken several cringeworthy statements about her family’s personal resources in new weeks. She pronounced she and her father President Clinton were “dead broke” when they left a White House, nonetheless given that time they have collected some-more than $100 million from vocalization engagements. 

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Article source: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2014/07/04/clinton-gaffe-former-secretary-state-confuses-britain-political-parties/

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