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Clippers ensure Austin Rivers fined $25000 for throwing chair pillow that hits …

LOS ANGELES – Austin Rivers pronounced it was an accident, an erring flip of a chair sham that inadvertently struck a fan in a eye.

The NBA pronounced differently and fined a Clippers ensure $25,000 on Thursday for a occurrence that occurred in a fourth entertain of Wednesday’s diversion in Sacramento.

In a impulse of frustration, Rivers pronounced he whisked aside a sham on a bench, definition for it to land behind a chair. The lightweight cushion, though, flew into a stands, attack a womanlike fan in a second quarrel during Sleep Train Arena.

She reportedly gifted annoy in a eye, though Rivers pronounced she was excellent after a game. He invited her to a locker room, where he apologized and acted for cinema with her and her family.

“It was not my goal to harm any fan,” Rivers said. “No fan should have to go to a diversion and worry about removing strike in a face. That’s a bottom line.”

Rivers pronounced he didn’t toss a sham in anger, pursuit it a “crazy moment” that for an afternoon incited into NBA “Cushion-gate.”

“The sham only happened to flip backwards,” he said. “It was only a training doctrine on how not to do things like that. we told a NBA that we apologize, and it won’t occur again. It’s early in a deteriorate so there’s zero else going on so my occurrence was big.”

Doc Rivers didn’t repremand a player, though did give him some kind advice.

“It was an collision obviously. He was frustrated. He didn’t meant to chuck it in a crowd. It only happened,” a Clippers manager said. “He didn’t chuck it on purpose though we told him subsequent time place it. Place it or it will cost you.”


A TV researcher suggested this week that DeAndre Jordan apologize to Dallas Mavericks owners Mark Cuban for reneging on his written agreement to pointer with a Mavericks during this summer’s giveaway group period.

Doc Rivers shook his conduct in disbelief.

“When you’re a giveaway representative … your pursuit as a player, we have one job, and that’s get it right,” River said.

“Teams don’t apologize when they cut players. Teams don’t apologize when they trade players. we don’t see teams apologize when they pointer a actor to a long-term understanding afterwards trade him by December. That’s since it’s their right to get it right. Same thing for a player.

“He plays himself into giveaway agency, and once they are giveaway … he has one pursuit and that’s to get it right. Once we lift a trigger we improved wish we got it right. I’ve always pronounced that.

“When he (Jordan) motionless to go to Dallas, we was (angry) since we had a good relationship. But we still reputable a giveaway part. we was a actor once so we get that.”

Of course, not everybody has altered on from a ordeal. Cuban apparently still is smarting and used some not-so-veiled difference to censor his beating over losing out on Jordan. Cuban pronounced he didn’t caring about a Clippers and claimed that a authorization hasn’t altered in 30 years.


Chris Paul competence be group captain though a Clippers have some-more than one personality this season. Add Blake Griffin and Jordan to a guys who have stepped to a forefront.

“I’m not certain (how it happened) though final night (victory in Sacramento) was a good instance of a approach we were removing along,” Rivers said. “I don’t know if it was this summer (dealing with Jordan’s decision) or it could be a loss, a approach we mislaid (Clippers blew a 3-1 array lead to Houston in a Western Conference semifinals), though we consider it all played in.

“It wasn’t only a one eventuality that everybody seems to speak about,” Rivers added, alluding to a joining of players during Jordan’s residence this summer.

“The one thing we are doing improved this year is that we are vouchsafing those 3 lead. We don’t have anyone in a way. We are vouchsafing them lead. We are permitting any other to lead.”

The Big Three stepped adult in a opener, any doing his partial in a clever fourth entertain to lift a Clippers to a 111-104 feat opposite a Kings. They did something identical in Game 2 with Griffin providing a scoring, Jordan a resilient and Paul doing a directing.


Whatever animosities, if any, exist between Rivers and Cuban will be put aside when a dual join Mavericks manager Rick Carlisle, Clippers partner Sam Cassell, Lakers partner Mark Madsen and others aboard Cuban’s plane, that will fly them to Minnesota for a wake of former Timberwolves manager Flip Saunders.

Saunders, 60, died Sunday after a conflict with cancer. The Clippers hold a impulse of overpower Thursday for a longtime Timberwolves coach.

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