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Comcast Offering New Fiber Service That’s Twice As Fast As Google Fiber

Comcast has announced a new residential service, Gigabit Pro, that promises 2 Gbps for both uploading and downloading data, according to Ars Technica. That’s some-more than double a speed of Google’s high-speed fiber service. Gigabit Pro launches in Atlanta subsequent month, violence Google’s and ATT’s rollouts of fiber in a southern heart city, though while Google and ATT both guarantee fiber during $70 per month, Gigabit Pro’s cost indicate has not been nailed down. If Comcast’s before top-tier residential Internet service—505 Mbps for $400-per-month—is any indication, Gigabit Pro will not be cheap.

Instead of Google’s use of polling neighborhoods and installing fiber where it is in top demand, Comcast is adhering to a solid rollout: For a past decade, Comcast told Ars Technica, it has laid some-more than 145,000 track miles of fiber wire by a existent use areas. This fiber base complement is essential, given Gigabit Pro is usually offering to residences that are reduction than a third of a mile divided from a fiber wire branches.

Comcast hopes to widespread Gigabit Pro from Atlanta opposite a nation and put it in 18 million homes by a finish of a year, a telecom hulk said in a press release. But Comcast also hopes to ascent a existent network to DOCSIS 3.1, a faster chronicle of a Data Over Cable Service Interface Specification that can boost a stream network (a combo of fiber and coax) to broach gigabit speeds to homes, according to Comcast’s press release.

Any fiber is good fiber, and even if Gigabit Pro’s poser cost substantially won’t be anywhere tighten to a $70-per-month tier that Google Fiber and ATT are looking at, it recognizes consumer direct for gigabit Internet that Comcast itself demoed 3 years ago. It is hapless that it takes foe to pull Comcast into action, generally given a barbarous anecdotes of Comcast’s calamity patron service. But until someone breaks a territorial telecom corner system, we have small chance over anticipating a ISP overlords eventually give us faster, some-more arguable Internet than a stream deals that cost twice as most as French Internet during half a speed.

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Article source: http://www.fastcompany.com/3044632/fast-feed/comcast-offering-new-fiber-service-thats-twice-as-fast-as-google-fiber

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