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Comical Politics In An Anything But Comical Age

Let us now postponement and ask ourselves whether, in a march of these papers, a due Constitution has not been satisfactorily irreproachable from a aspersions thrown on it; and either it has not been shown to be estimable of a open approbation, and required to a open reserve and prosperity. Every male is firm to answer these questions to himself, according to a best of his demur and understanding, and to act agreeably to a genuine and solemn dictates of his judgment. This is a avocation from that zero can give him a dispensation. ‘T is one that he is called upon, nay, compelled by all a obligations that form a bands of society, to liberate unequivocally and honestly. No prejudiced motive, no sold interest, no honour of opinion, no proxy passion or prejudice, will clear to himself, to his country, or to his posterity, an crude choosing of a partial he is to act.

Article source: http://thefederalist.com/2015/02/16/comical-politics-in-an-anything-but-comical-age/

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