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Commissioner Adam Silver discusses intensity reforms during All-Star Saturday

NEW YORK — NBA commissioner Adam Silver is coming his second year on a pursuit with an eye towards medium reforms rather than indiscriminate changes. 

In his annual residence during All-Star Weekend on Saturday, Silver laid out a array of intensity tweaks to a league’s schedule, breeze lottery and playoff format, among other issues, though he did not entirely dedicate a joining to any estimable movement in a short-term.

“Going into my second year, we commend it’s time to take movement on a lot of a things that we’ve been deliberating extensively,” Silver said. “My concentration is on a game. … we trust we can improve.”

Here’s a outline of Silver’s pivotal articulate points from a press conference, that ran for some-more than half an hour before a All-Star Saturday night festivities began.

Schedule Reform

The biggest constructional change of Silver’s initial year on a pursuit was a lengthening of a All-Star mangle to a full week. That pierce was done after consulting with countless players, including LeBron James, who pushed for a additional rest during a midseason grind. Because a NBA did not meaningfully change a start date or finish date of a season, lengthening a All-Star mangle dense a same series of games into fewer days, thereby formulating some-more back-to-backs and 4 games in 5 nights. 

Silver pronounced that a NBA would like to “eliminate” four-in-five scenarios and that a 2015-16 deteriorate could see a “drastic reduction” in this area. As for back-to-backs, Silver pronounced that there should be fewer back-to-backs in 2015-16 as a joining opens adult “additional radio windows” by relaxation adult a Thursday night and Sunday night schedules. The NBA is also pulling a teams for larger coherence per accessible dates to report games.

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“There’s zero some-more critical than a health and gratification of a players,” Silver said. “Ultimately we wish to see players removing suitable rest and personification during a top level. It’s something we’re really focused on.”

A intensity resolution to expelling a compressed report is to trim a time of a preseason, that now covers roughly 8 games over three-plus weeks. Silver pronounced he has oral to “basketball people” around a league, and a accord is that a preseason could indeed be changed.

“While [the basketball people] still feel a training stay and a sincerely prolonged training stay is still critically important,” Silver said, “they don’t consider a preseason games are as profitable as they once were, in terms of a conditioning of their players, in terms of removing a possibility to truly observe players in diversion conditions. I could see a unfolding where while we’ll continue to have a sincerely extensive preseason, we might be means to digest it a small bit, and that will assistance with some of a scheduling issues, and we might be means to revoke a series of preseason games.” 

Lottery Reform


Zach LaVine

The NBA attempted and unsuccessful to hospital a new breeze lottery structure final October. The unsuccessful remodel bid would have decreased a contingency that a really misfortune teams pull a No. 1 pick. Under a stream system, a league’s misfortune organisation has a 25 percent possibility during a No. 1 collect and can tumble no reduce than No. 4. Under a due new system, that was deserted by owners, a misfortune organisation would have had a 12 percent possibility (the 4 misfortune teams would have these same odds) and they could breeze adult picking as low as No. 7, according to Yahoo Sports. The meditative behind a change was obvious: inspire teams to put rival products on a justice by expelling their inducement to pursue a finish teardown.

Silver pronounced a NBA’s Competition Committee is in a routine of holding adult a emanate again and that a Board of Governors would be addressing it in April. 

“We’re going to need to take a uninformed demeanour during a Draft Lottery,” he said. “I don’t consider a complement isn’t as damaged as some might suggest, though it’s going to need a tweak.  … I trust [this] is mostly a notice issue. We wish to safeguard that a fans know that a teams do not have an inducement to remove games. That it might not be in any given deteriorate that we can eventually have a winning and playoff‑bound team, and it’s a multi‑year task, though we wish to safeguard a fans that a teams are always undergoing a routine to try to margin a best probable organisation on a floor.”

Playoff Reform

In new weeks, a contention of scrapping a longstanding playoff format to place some-more importance on record and reduction on contention connection has gained steam. As remarkable during SI.com recently, one due playoff setup would concede a West’s No. 9 and 10 teams (Oklahoma City and New Orleans) into a postseason instead of a East’s No. 7 and No. 8 teams (Charlotte and Miami) since they have improved records.

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Silver has indicated he is in preference of a complement that is some-more satisfactory to all 30 teams than a stream model, that has suffered for many years due to a Western Conference margin that has been distant deeper than a Eastern Conference counterparts. Silver didn’t disciple for a specific devise on Saturday, though he did lay out some probable options and done it transparent that a Competition Committee would be questioning a options.

“If there was a elementary solution, we would have done it prolonged ago,” he said, observant that balancing a unchanging deteriorate report between a conferences would need significantly some-more transport than a stream system, that sees teams play 52 games inside their contention and 30 outside. He also lifted a probable regard about prolonged playoff roving issues if teams from conflicting coasts faced any other.

Silver added: “I trust in a contention system, nonetheless we consider there might be some tweaks.” 


Kevin Durant

The biggest stumbling retard to remodel on this emanate would be owners who mount to remove postseason embankment income as good as a excellence and advantages of creation a playoffs. Charlotte, Miami and other intermediate East teams be assured to opinion opposite their possess best interest. Silver attempted to downplay this angle, suggesting that a joining has a large design perspective that can change a short-term mislaid income contra a long-term impact of potentially blank out on playoff bearing for, in a box of this year, Anthony Davis, Kevin Durant or Russell Westbrook.  

“I consider we have a organisation of owners who are peaceful to take a long-term perspective ultimately,” Silver said. “They know over time that we’re in a rarely rival marketplace. That we wish to put a best feet forward. That we wish a best product on a court. That’s been a approach they’ve approached all a issues. … It’s early days though we’re going to take a really tough demeanour during it.”

Article source: http://www.si.com/nba/2015/02/14/adam-silver-press-conference-nba-commissioner

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